Airtel Internet Bundle Plan in Ghana

Airtel Internet Bundle Plan in Ghana

Regardless of whether one’s purposes for internet are for home or office use, Airtel internet bundle plan Ghana has the best value for your money. With increased smart phone use, internet has become a key necessity since it has enabled the world to become a global village as one can connect with family and friends with a lot of ease. Airtel as one of the major internet providers in Ghana has come up with fast, affordable and reasonably fair broadband or 3G data bundles.

Airtel Internet Bundle Plan in Ghana

Airtel Internet Bundle plan

Could you be travelling to Ghana? Or probably living there but would like to know of the internet data packages? Better still are you seeking to answer the question of Airtel’s data bundle and tariffs, we got you covered. Here are some great Airtel Internet data bundle plans that you should consider.

There are three smart Airtel internet services; the Airtel Sika kokoo, browse chaw, Flex and the data roll over capability. They have brought a new evolution in the provision of internet services since they have brought in convenience, value and more use. You get more for less.

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Airtel sika kokoo is the biggest deal in the market today. This internet bundle plan for Airtel allows you to stay connected with amazing offers. For instance, for 1GB a customer is only charged 5ghc which comes with free WhatsApp, free airtel to Airtel calls although it comes with only 3 days validity period from the time of subscription. To purchase the bundle plan, you need to load credit on your phone, dial *125# and follow prompts or alternatively dial *125# for a direct purchase. You will be required to select the plan you deem convenient or the loaded credit can buy.

Airtel Internet Bundle Plan in Ghana

Browse chaw is a recently launched Airtel internet bundle plan; a promotional internet product. This plan is designed to facilitate communication and connectivity. It is very affordable where you get double the amount you invested. Here are the rates, this campaign product offers:

Brows Chaw Bundles Price (ghc) Validity (days)

10 MB 0.5 1

20 MB 0.85 1

30 MB 1 5

50 MB 1.5 7

100 MB 3 15

200 MB 5 20

750 MB 15 30

2 GB 30 30

5 GB 60 30

6GB 75 90

12 GB 150 90

Flex bundle is an in-style Airtel internet bundle plan Ghana. It is one of the most popular internet bundle packages and is available for all prepaid customers. This plan is segmented into either a package for a day, week, or month. Airtel Flex bundles allow you to get access to internet sites such as YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, stream videos or channels or even connect with people on social media. It may be in your knowledge that Facebook is actually free but there are difficulties in viewing or downloading videos or photos. These packages allows you surf with ease.

The data roll over feature cannot go unmentioned. It applies when you buy a data plan that expires after some hours mostly 24 hours or 72 hours. Before this time elapses, you can purchase another data bundle that will prevent the latter bundle from expiring. Awesome right!

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