Best investment bank in Ghana - top 10.

Best investment bank in Ghana - top 10.

The investment sector is fast growing. Banks in Ghana have therefore had to keep up with this growing pace. Since investments are becoming popular ,many banks are now equipped to support investments. The investment banks cater for both large enterprises and also upcoming investors.

Best investment bank in Ghana - top 10.

The Best Investment Bank 2017

Upon review of the best investment banks in Ghana, the number of the banks were overwhelming even to a potential investor. The selection criteria for awarding the best investment bank was based on the customer experience the bank offers, the market share, the distribution chain of the bank and the staff. Since it is difficult for an average investor to evaluate the best investment bank properly, I paid keen interest in the rules of stock picking. This focused on good profitability, better rising dividends and sustainable cash flow

Also the report dug deeper into the shareholder’s equity metrics, their overall debt to total capital, their composition of liabilities, their earnings on the return on capital employed and the return on capital. The position of the bank during hash market conditions and the efforts put in place to overcome them were also considered. Stanbic Bank was crowned the best investment bank in Ghana.

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The best investment bank

Stanbic bank which is the number one investment bank is very efficient in what they do Stanbic Bank assisted upcoming firms in identifying opportunities to help them grow faster and create liquidity in the overall stock market. They also had the best ideas on how to acquire assets, develop investments, manage risk and eventually turn profits to its shareholders.

Best investment bank in Ghana - top 10.

Stanbic bank -Best investment bank

Stanbic Bank has acquired experience and technical know-how due to its many years of operation and in investment. They are able to notice whether the current investment opportunities the customer wants to take is viable or not. Hence the customers are saved from encountering losses in the future. They are involved directly with the customer guiding them in places they fail to understand.

Stanbic Bank is located in major cities and towns of Ghana. They also have agents in the rural areas to create convenience for the local people. From these agents they are assured to get service similar to one offered in the banks. The financial strength of the bank when faced with capital related drawbacks and their solution to the drawbacks formed part of the criteria in awarding the best investment bank.

List of Best Investment Banks.

  1. Stanbic Bank
  2. Bank of Ghana
  3. Access Bank of Ghana
  4. Amal Bank
  5. Uni Bank Ghana Limited
  6. Agricultural Development Bank of Ghana
  7. Barclays Bank
  8. HFC Bank
  9. Merchant Bank
  10. The Trust Bank
  11. United Bank for Africa
  12. UT Bank
  13. International Commercial Bank
  14. National Investment Bank
  15. Zenith Bank

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