7 smart move to take when your boo goes "MIA" on Whatsapp

7 smart move to take when your boo goes "MIA" on Whatsapp

Ever sat alone in your room staring at the phone just waiting for the message of that special person you so much are attracted to, what about the mystery feeling of not seeing your special person online again after days or months of intense chats on social media, especially Whatsapp?

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7 clever actions to take when he stops chatting you on Whatsapp

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There is no doubt over the saying that communication is very key in friendships and even deeply committed relationships but in cases where conversations stop, our minds begin to battle on the dilemma of whether to get in touch or let him be. This article seeks to clear your mind and heart on this confusion.

1. Consider moving on

Men are often turned off when the very person they get attracted to start to become ordinary to their liking. Relationship experts have stated that most guys are just like water heaters. Just when they get off, they get off forever. If indeed he stops texting you for days (especially for two weeks) then just know that he probably might have moved on.

2. Don’t take it personally

Men are naturally bad communicators. He not chatting with you on WhatsApp does not and should not mean that he is taking you for granted. Maybe it could be the case that he is extremely busy or he could have lost his phone. Sometimes it is only safe if we play the devil's advocate in relationships. Never take it personally when he fails to text.

3. Give him space

Guys will always be guys when it comes to their communication mode. Never try stalking him on social media or invading his space. Just give him space to operate. You never know, he could be thinking about you despite chatting you.

4. Distract yourself with other things

The best way to stay away from sending too many texts to make it seem as if you are drooling over him is for you to get yourself busy from the phone. Join a social group, it could be a gym or any social group. This intelligent move will protect you from always being on your phone waiting for him to text you. You are way better and smarter than that.

5. Try to get him to do something in person

Let's face the fact, not every guy is a WhatsApp junkie! Sometimes you need to get him in the physical mode because that's the only way by which you could enjoy his presence. Ask him if he could help you fix a bulb, a loose tyre or something that demands the instincts of a man. You will be surprised by the returns.

6. Reach out to him in another way

Text messages are not all there is to draw the attention of the man you love. In fact, it is one of the laziest of ways. By this, you can reach out by checking up on him at his home, joining him at the gym, catching up with him at spots he most desires. That's where the magic works best.

7. Straight-up ask him why he stopped texting

Now that you tried the above steps and grabbed his attention, you can take the bold step of finding out the reasons why he stopped texting. The only trick to this approach is to ask the question in a friendly way and not a vicious way.

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So there you have it ladies, it's all about taking the right intelligent steps to take in cases where the guy you admire the most stops messaging you on Whatsapp.

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