Ovation boss opens up on 2016 NDC defeat

Ovation boss opens up on 2016 NDC defeat

- Chief Dele Momodou has said he knew Former President Mahama would be defeated at the 2016 December polls

- He listed some of the former president's shortcomings that he feels contributed to his defeat

- He said he is proud of Former President Mahama for accepting defeat

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Chief Dele Momodou, the man behind Ovation Magazine, has stated that he was not surprised that Ghana's former president, H.E. John Dramani Mahama lost the 2016 presidential elections to President Akufo-Addo.

Chief Dele Momodue in Starr FM studios

Chief Dele Momodou

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Former president John Mahama's defeat at the last general elections was a surprise for many Ghanaians, especially those who believed that the two-term president trend every Ghanaian head of state had established would also apply to the Mahama administration.

Prior to the 2016 general elections, Chief Dele Momodou was one of John Mahama's foremost supporters, and said as much during a recent interview with Bola Ray on Starr Chat.

Speaking in the interview, Chief Dele Momodou said prior to the 2016 general elections, he knew that a National Democratic Congress (NDC) win at the polls would demand huge effort.

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According to the popular publisher, the situation had too many similarities with the 2015 presidential elections in Nigeria, which saw the then opposition candidate, Mahammadu Buhari, win against the then incumbent president, Goodluck Jonathan.

The easiest way to get rid of a government is to accuse it of corruption and most people that is what they want to hear. Whether it is true or not people just want[ed] to hear. And it is in the character of politics that you must damage your opponent and damage him beyond repair,” He said.

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According to Ovation Magazine's boss, one of former president Mahama's shortcomings were that he was too preoccupied in his projects, another one being that he wasn't really bothered by what was said about him.

"Mahama could not really be bothered about what people said about him. That’s why he used to say ‘I’m a dead goat. He couldn’t be bothered. He was not afraid.

Bola Ray asked him why he continued supporting the former president if he saw the defeat was inevitable, Chief Dele Momodou expressed that one doesn't stay home and do nothing.

For him, it was a great experience and I’m so proud of him for bowing out gracefully,” he said.

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