Ghana police service ranks and symbols

Ghana police service ranks and symbols

Every independent state has a police force whose main duty is to maintain law and order. Interestingly just like in other professions there are ranks. Every officer serving in the police service has a rank and also belongs to a certain department.

Ghana police service ranks and symbols

The Ghana police service is the main agency that ensures law enforcement in Ghana. It is a branch under the ministry of interior. The service was formed in 1894 and was formerly known as the Gold coast police service. In 1957 its name was changed to Ghana police service and since then it has employed over 30,000 officers in all the 651 stations in Ghana.

Functions of the police

Every day the people of Ghana need safety at their homes, and the police service in Ghana is always ready to help. The prime functions of the police force are

  • To perform traffic duties to ensure that the roads are safe
  • Issuing and vetting the police criminal check certificates
  • Protecting the females from cases such as rape and sexual abuse related issues, among others.
Ghana police service ranks and symbols

Ghana police service LOGO

Ghana police service ranks

Every organizational structure has ranks, and they ensure that things run smoothly. The ranks are divided into two; the superior and subordinate officers. Below is a list starting from the top most rank.

  1. Superior officers
  2. Inspector General of police
  3. Deputy inspector general
  4. Commissioner
  5. Deputy commissioner
  6. Assistant commissioner
  7. Chief superintendent
  8. Superintendent
  9. Deputy superintendent
  10. Assistant superintendent
  11. Subordinate police officers
  12. Chief inspector
  13. Sergeant
  14. Corporal
  15. Lance corporal
  16. Constable

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Ghana police symbols

The Ghana police has unique symbol that make it very unique. The symbol represents the whole police service and what its committed to do. The Ghana police motto is service with integrity. A dominating problem in every police department is lack of integrity. Having a police force that is committed to ensure integrity and service is very important for the growth of any nation. The police service is therefore very important because it assures people of peace and unity.

There are symbols for every rank and each of them is different. The symbols are very important not only for identification of authentic Ghana police but also a sign of a specific rank. In case someone is caught getting involved in activities that are against the law, the police will take action and addressing them with respect is mandatory.

Below are some of the symbols for ranks in the Ghana police department

1. Constable.

2. Lance-Corporal.

3. Corporal.

4. Sergeant.

5. District Sergeant Major.

6. Regional Sergeant Major.

7. Inspector.

8. Chief Inspector.

Here is a graphical representation of Ghana police ranks:

Ghana police service ranks and symbols

Ghana police service ranks and respective symbols

Ghana police service contacts

In case of any danger, the Ghana police is always ready to help. They are dedicated to ensure safety of Ghanaians. All you need to do is contact the police headquarters on the number 0302-773900, and help will come your way. It is always good to have these contacts because tomorrow is not assured, and anything can happen to anyone.

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