Best Business Opportunities in Ghana 2018

Best Business Opportunities in Ghana 2018

Ghana is one of the countries with the highest levels of economic growth. There are quite a number of best business opportunities in Ghana 2018 for someone who wants to venture into the world of business and make good money. Ranging from manufacturing, oil, agriculture, service industry and online businesses, there are opportunities for everyone. Its stable democracy is an additive to doing business in the country.

Best Business Opportunities in Ghana 2018

Doing business is the best way for one to make a good living in Ghana. There are many business opportunities in Ghana that one can venture into and make it big. Here we are going to have a look into some of the best business opportunities Ghana offers that one can invest in.

Need doing business in Ghana? You will never be wrong. There are many business opportunities for both local and international investors. Coupled with its booming economic growth and political stability, Ghana has become an investment destination for many. There are a number of business opportunities that one can put their investment in and make good returns. Among the best investment include; greenhouse farming, online businesses and real estate.

Business Opportunities in Ghana

Ghana is one of the stable democracies in Africa. Its booming economic growth means that there are many business opportunities in the country. As the country is experiencing moderate oil and gas growth, there is need for other auxiliary services. This has created many business opportunities in Ghana.

Greenhouse Farming

Best Business Opportunities in Ghana 2018

There is need for Africa to move from subsistence farming to sustainable farming. Depending on food imports should be a thing of the past. That is why there is yet untapped business opportunity in greenhouse farming. If you want to do farming, this is the best way to go. Greenhouse farming can bring in lots of revenues. For instance, for those who have tried greenhouse farming especially vegetables such as capsicum and tomatoes, their revenues ranges between $3,000 and $3,500 dollars a month which is a good way to start.

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However, you need not go into the venture blindly. There are some things one must know and do before venturing into the business. First and foremost, just like any other business, you must have a business plan. Lay down your expected expenditures and returns. Know how much the greenhouse would cost, the best seeds to plant and temperature regulations.

Real Estate

Best Business Opportunities in Ghana 2018

The Ghanaian real estate sector is underutilized. There is more demand for both residential and commercial complexes than there is supply. Therefore investing in this sector can see you getting streams of incomes every month. The booming oil and gas sector has seen foreign investors coming into the country. This has in essence driven the cost of prices higher as it increases demand.

The influx of people from rural areas to urban areas in such of job opportunities has also seen the demand for housing increase tremendously in urban establishments. It is therefore due time to seize the opportunity and put your money where it counts. Investing in real estate in Ghana you will never go wrong as there will be always demand for housing. With an investment of $50,000 to $100,000 you can invest in a residential villa, housing estate, office complex or an apartment complex.


Best Business Opportunities in Ghana 2018

If you are a tech savvy investor, there is a wonderful opportunity for you in the telecommunications sector in Ghana. The country is experiencing a tremendous mobile and other internet service penetration. There are quite greater business opportunities online in Ghana. Mobile ownership in the country has hit over 70% of the entire population. However, with this increase in mobile penetration comes the problem of network capacity. You can capitalize on this and invest in offering a better reliable and stable network.

Investing in mobile network is a sure way in Ghana as the market is yet to reach its full capacity. Also you can invest in offering reliable and competitive data services. Investing is specialized and competitive service bundles is a sure way of increasing your profit margins.

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