Best investment companies in Ghana

Best investment companies in Ghana

As we move towards attaining financial security, it is wise to invest our money. For best investment results, it is significantly wise to partner with companies in the areas that interest us most.The investment sector is fast growing and in terms of returns,the venture does not disappoint.

Best investment companies in Ghana

Ghana is home to several promising investment companies that provide opportunities for growth. This article enables you to discover the firms that you should consider to invest your resources. Here’s the investment companies list.

Top list of investment companies in Ghana

Bond savings and loans limited.

This company is a financial institution that enables people to save their money and also acquire loans. The company has become a preference for many investors because the interest rates on fixed deposits are very high as compared to other institutions. The company is also friendly in the sense that a person can start investing with as low as GH¢100

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First Allied savings and loans limited.

If you would like to gain value for your money, this company will definitely meet your needs. The fixed deposit products are negotiable and the Treasury bill rates are much higher as compared to other companies.

Best investment companies in Ghana

VIP Estates Ghana.

This is one of the best real estate investment companies in Ghana. It has partnered with banks and entrepreneurs to provide satisfactory and efficient investment services. Besides offering advice to investors, it guarantees the security of the client’s investments. The annual return on investment is at 6%. The real estate business is booming as modernization continues to take place. Venturing into this market can there yield a lot of returns for investors.

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New generation investment services.

This investment institution promises high interest rates in savings. The Treasury bill rates are very higher and they guarantee one high returns on investment.

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Eco bank Ghana.

This is one the best banks we have in Ghana. Over the years, it has been providing investment solutions for its customers. It provides fixed income fund and money market funds as open investments. Through them, many people have earned a lot of returns from their saving as their rates are favorable.

Best investment companies in Ghana

UT Bank Limited.

UT Bank has experienced tremendous growth. In the past, it was a small financial institution but now a successful bank. This bank provides low risk investments with high Treasury bill rates. The longer a person saves in the bank, the money they realize value for their money.

There are several institutions where a person can invest in Ghana. However, one ought to look out for investment companies ranking at the time when they want to invest. This ensures that the risks of losing money are reduced and that chances of prosperity are high.

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