6 everyday hustles of driving in Accra

6 everyday hustles of driving in Accra

Accra is known to be one of Ghana’s busiest cities, and it is so due to the number of cars that move to and fro on a daily basis.

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Consequently, driving on the streets of Accra can sometimes be the most annoying thing you can ever think of.

6 everyday hustles of driving in Accra
Hustles of driving on the streets of Accra

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It doesn’t matter how careful you are, you will definitely be on the receiving end of one or two gags from a colleague driver.

In other situations, you could also be the guilty party when you transgress against another driver. But in all, it is these hustles that make driving in Accra more interesting than any other city in Ghana.

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Here are six hustles of driving on the streets of Accra:

1. Traffic

If you think waiting at a bus stop is boring, then wait until you are stuck in traffic en route to a very important assignment. There is no doubt that some of the road networks in Accra are very bad. And that makes it very difficult for cars to move, especially during the busy hours.

There are times when some main roads are blocked due to diplomatic reasons and you wonder if the traffic you find yourself in will ever be gone.

It’s always nice to drive around Accra, but that could turn into a nightmare if you are faced with a thick traffic on the road.

2. Tipping or bribing of police

There is a saying that every man is guilty of bribe one way or the other. That is, if you have never given bribe, then definitely you have taken one before. For people who drive on the streets of Accra, the former is a very common thing.

With all due respect to the Police (Not all of them are like that, though), but “tipping” has become a routine practice that immediately a driver knows he has defaulted, he or she prepares to dish out something from the pocket.

If you think you know your right don’t pay, and by the time you realize your car will be parked at the nearest police station with a charge awaiting you.

3. Potholes/bad roads

Another major hustle of drivers on the streets of Accra is the bad nature of roads in the city. Despite government’s efforts to asphalt some roads, there are still many more in deplorable states.

This makes it difficult to drive, especially when it rains and leaves the whole place muddy. If you don’t take care you might end up in trouble by splashing water on pedestrians.

Also, you could get your car damaged if you speed into a wide open “pothole” waiting on the side of the road.

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4. Trotro drivers

Forgive me if you are a trotro driver, but sometimes they can be a pain in the neck on the road. And for a city like Accra where the main means of transport is by trotro, you will definitely encounter them every day.

There are those who will stop just anywhere on the road in a bid to pick up a passenger and they won’t mind if they are blocking your path.

Some could even go to the extent of using the outer lane meant for curving cars in order to escape traffic and will end up nearly scratching your car if you don’t allow them the space.

5. Pedestrians/traders taking over the street

If there is a major hustle that every driver faces, then it is the problem of having pedestrians and traders flood every street of Accra.

It is a common occurrence to see traders selling on the streets and making in difficult for drivers. If you are not lucky, you will end up knocking someone down through no fault of yours.

There are also some pedestrians who simply do not obey traffic rules and would want to cross the road at any time even if vehicles are speeding and that can sometimes be a real struggle for drivers.

6. Noise pollution (Incessant honking of horns)

The taxi drivers and trotro drivers will take a chunk of the blame in this one. The taxi drivers especially can just be horning as a way of calling on their passengers. Intriguingly, they do not see it as making noise, rather they will continue horning each time they see persons standing on the road side.

There are also some drivers who will unnecessarily be horning when they know the car in front of them has nowhere to go. Sometimes you are in a traffic and the green light has just switched, yet you will hear cars from behind horning – no, making noise – as if the cars in front are not making attempts to move.

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