Ghana army ranks and their symbols

Ghana army ranks and their symbols

The army is a very important organ in every state. Ghana has over the years established a very powerful defence system that has so far effectively served it's citizens.

Ghana army ranks and their symbols

Ghana armed forces ranks structure

The Ghana armed forces was founded in 1957. It consists of the army, the navy and the air force. All the three are under the ministry of defense the army serves and protects the people of Ghana within its borders. The army protects the waters, land and the air around Ghana. The headquarters are in Accra Ghana, with the commander in chief as the president Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo. It employs up to 13,500 people the armed forces is dedicated to ensure maximum security in the country.

Ghana armed forces ranks from lowest to highest

The Ghana army is divided into three commands; the Northern command, located in Tamale, the central command in Kumasi and southern command in Accra. Below is a list of the Ghana army ranks structure in ascending order

Ghana armnks

The armed forces has different ranks. The higher the rank, the more the responsibilities and vice versa. Each individual has a responsibility to serve the nation

  1. Second lieutenant
  2. Lieutenant
  3. Captain
  4. Major
  5. Lieutenant colonel
  6. Colonel
  7. Brigadier general
  8. Major general
  9. Lieutenant general
  10. General

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Enlisted ranks include;

  1. Private
  2. Lance-corporal
  3. Corporal
  4. Sergeant
  5. Staff sergeant
  6. Warrant officer class 1
  7. Warrant officer class 2
  8. Chief warrant officer
Ghana army ranks and their symbols

The Ghana police department has other special units like the following;

  • Motor transport and traffic unit- concerned with transport
  • Highway patrol-ensures that people make no mistakes on the roads
  • Public affairs- concerned with the affairs of the people
  • Domestic violence and victim support unit-concerned with cases that deal with domestic violence. It has support system for the victims
  • Rapid deployment force- this unit is always ready in case of any attack.
  • National protection unit- concerned with the protection of all citizens
  • Arms and ammunition – deals with ammunition, very well trained to deal with armed robberies
  • Research, planning and ICT unit
  • Ghana crime unit
  • Formed police unit
  • Finance offices
  • Courts and prosecution
Ghana army ranks and their symbols

Ghana army logo

Ghana armed forces ranks and symbols

Symbols represents the work that they do and what they stand for. The Ghana army ranks and their symbols are very essential for identification. The Ghana armed forces logo has a symbol of two knives which represent the fight for the nation. The two birds on both ends are a sign of freedom and liberty. Ghana is an independent country and was colonized by the british. It got its freedom of independence and currently has its own army. The army gives protection to all citizens.

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