Sports Betting: Taking Africa by storm

Sports Betting: Taking Africa by storm

Sports’ betting is not only one of the easiest forms of betting, but also one of the most popular betting choices.

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Many gamers prefer it to other forms of betting because it’s easier to win cash with it compared to other forms of betting.

Aside this, sports betting also offers more betting options as against other types of betting.

For instance, it provides lots of sporting activities to choose from. These include soccer, basketball, tennis, athletics and so on.

The gamers can therefore select as many sports as preferred and consequently place as many bets as they like in order to earn more money.

With sports betting, all it takes to earn cash is the selection of one's favorite games such as whether it is soccer, basketball and tennis, place your predictions and earn cash if the outcomes match those predictions.

This is quite unlike other forms of betting whereby you have to focus on one game at a time.

One part of the world where sports betting has exploded big into popularity in recent times is Africa.

Sports betting is the current big thing on the continent and many people just love earning from it. Over 90% of gamers prefer this form of betting to others for obvious reasons.

Everybody loves sports betting because it offers a lot more advantages than other forms of betting.

Consequently, this has attracted several sports betting companies to Africa. These companies would like to ride on the wave of sports betting success in Africa anytime.

Why Sports Betting Has Become Quite Popular In Africa

Although betting, especially online betting is not very popular in Africa, there is a small majority of the population that is engaged in it.

99% percent of this small population pursues sports betting and only 1% of it participates in other forms of betting.

Why is sports betting, which in fact only emerged not so long ago more popular in Africa than other forms of betting that have been around for decades?

1. Sports betting allows gamers to earn more by betting on as many sports as they like. For example, you can place bets on several soccer games, basketball games and much more all at once to earn from every team that wins.

2. Sports betting is more affordable than other forms of betting. Many sports betting sites in Africa allow gamers to place their bets for as low as half a dollar.

3. Africans love sports, especially soccer and sports betting gives them chances to not only make sports predictions, but also to earn money from doing that.


One of the most popular sports betting companies with significant presence in Africa is Betway.

This European multinational sports betting entity is popular in almost all African countries with millions of subscribers.

One reason why this company has been so successful in Africa while several of its suffer setbacks is due to higher earnings for its clients as well as better terms and conditions.

If you love betting on sports and would like to earn more, you could try out this site.


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