Ideas for Lucrative Small Scale Business in Ghana in 2019

Ideas for Lucrative Small Scale Business in Ghana in 2019

With the increasing rate of unemployment in Ghana people ad more so the youth are shifting the mindset from government and private sector reliance employment and running towards self-employment. The journey towards independence and being a successful business person is not that easy. In addition to the huge financial resources one is required to have at their disposal, there is the issue of business ideas. The following is a list of lucrative business ideas small business in Ghana can take up to grow and sustain themselves in the economy.

Ideas for Lucrative Small Scale Business in Ghana

Best small scale business in Ghana

Ghana’s economy comprises of over 25 million people according to world statistics. In addition to these statistics, Ghana as a country is one of the most endowed nations with a vast of natural resources including Oil and mineral resources. Other than these two factors Ghana boasts of a political tranquility that is unmatched with any country in Africa.

Thanks to this stability Ghanaians have been able to enjoy enormously from their government support. Amidst these many positives, there is one huge hindrance to the success of any aspiring Ghanaian entrepreneur and that is coming up with a lucrative business idea that will help them sale up and make millions of dollars. Gladly the following article is here to address that. The following are some of the key business ideas in Ghana which when implemented fully will help any entrepreneur make good fortunes.

Before we get into the list of possible business ideas you can start out in Ghana with little money, let us review some few ideas I think will be an instant success when you start them in Ghana.

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The Transport Sector

Transportation is one of the most profitable business in Ghana that you can start any day with little money in your budget. Moving from one area and location to the next is a necessity. By creating an organized system of business around this, you will be able to capitalize on the vast opportunity created by the over 25 million Ghanaians travelling daily.

Agriculture and Food production business

Ideas for Lucrative Small Scale Business in Ghana

It’s a known fact, people depend on food for survival. While this is true, individuals and companies alike have shifted their mindset from agriculture to manufacturing. Therefore if you are looking for an idea of a fast-growing business in Ghana agriculture and food production is the way to go. With agriculture, you will never go wrong as you are guaranteed of regular food market while the food production business gives you additional cash through value addition.

Real Estate Business

Ideas for Lucrative Small Scale Business in Ghana

This goes without saying. The real estate is a booming business in any developing economy Ghana included. One thing however with it is that you need to have more capital in order to start. However, with a good business plan, you will be able to make some good returns from it with just some small investment from your end.

List of Lucrative Business Ideas in Ghana

If you are an entrepreneur skilled or unskilled looking for a venture in Ghana the good news is that there are quite a number of small business in Ghana, you can undertake. The following are some of the ventures worth highlighting.

  • Lawn mowing and care business
  • Customize necktie making
  • Customize Dressmaking
  • Party organizer
  • Organize workshops in your area of expertise
  • Sell beverages at church or events. Start with ‘Sobolo’
  • Content developer for social media
  • Makeup Artiste
  • Florist
  • Establish a Television and Radio Broadcast Station
  • Small Private refinery
  • Landscaping
  • Recycling pickup
  • Water Melon Farming
  • Home Laptop Repair Centre
  • T-Shirt Designs and Embossing
  • Interior Décor

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