NSS Extension registration guide 2020

NSS Extension registration guide 2020

The National Service Scheme of Ghana is a system that helps reduce unemployment of youths in Ghana. It was introduced in the 1970s to bridge the human resource gap when a large amount of people moved from Ghana to look for better jobs.

NSS Extension registration guide

NSS extension 2019/2020

The national service year began on 1st September. Enrolling to the National Service Scheme early is key. The earlier you enroll, the faster you get deployed and the placement information will be sent early enough in order to achieve the goals of the NSS. It is therefore important to do so once they open the system.

Functions of National Service Scheme

  • Ensures active participation of all citizens in order to promote peace in the country
  • To combat issues like hunger, unemployment, disease and illiteracy in Ghana
  • Helps to provide amenities to the rural areas particularly in Ghana
  • It provides practical training that ensures skills are well acquired by the people
  • It contributes to the general peace and unity of the people of Ghana

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NSS Extension registration guide

National Service Scheme enrollment is quite simple, all you have to do is:

  1. Click on My Nss Pincode
  2. Put down your school index number and retrieve your pin

NSS extension registration process

Nss extension is a grace period given for all those that have not applied and they with to. With NSS, an individual is assured of a good job and eventually better living standards. Look up the new extension dates on the National Service Scheme website. The process is as follows:

  1. Pay your registration fee at any Agricultural Development bank
  2. Log in to www.nss.gov.gh
  3. Click the application tab and then enroll
  4. Upload a passport photo to the website
  5. Enter your pin at the new enrollment tab
  6. Proceed to get nss extension form and click on it
  7. The form comes out with your name, course and institution you attended
  8. Fill all the appropriate fields appropriately and drop copies at the NSS headquarters
  9. Submit the form by clicking on the submit button
  10. After submission, the system will automatically allocate a pin number

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Accessing your posting

  1. Visit the nss website
  2. Click on the deployment button and then check posting
  3. Enter your NSS numer and submit
  4. Print two copies if your posting information is available
  5. Take the copies to the regional director
  6. A copy is kept by the region and the other goes to the regional director

The process is very easy, and for any inquiries you can always visit the Nss offices near you or contact the NSS via the contacts at the NSS website.

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