Are there Side Effects in Lydia Contraceptives?

Are there Side Effects in Lydia Contraceptives?

Lydia contraceptives are a popular remedy in the country with most women using it to prevent unwanted pregnancies. In fact, it is among the most popular contraceptives in the country, offering a range of products from daily pills, UIDs, to emergency after pills. But do you know how to use it, its effectiveness or side effects? This post highlights the important factors that you need to be aware of.

Lydia Contraceptives Performance And Side Effects: Is It Harmful?

Lydia contraceptive pills

Users within Ghana, where this tablet is commonly used, have approved the functionality of the tablet in avoiding unwanted pregnancies. Apparently, this pill has been effective when it comes to this role.

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The Lydia postpill is used to prevent pregnancy if one has had unprotected sex, or when there’s a suspected failure in the use of condoms. You can also use it if you’re missing your daily contraceptive pills or injections and sometimes if you’ve had unprotected engagement during your ovulation period. However, do not use them as your daily contraceptive pill. The best thing about it is that it can be used by women of different age groups even as early as adolescents.

Lydia contraceptive side effects

The use of contraceptives, whether every so often or once in a while, may result in a side effect depending on how the host’s body will react to the drug. Moreover, if they’re not used in the prescribed manner or when used as accorded may result in unexpected side effects. The best thing about Lydia contraceptives, however, it that it has a 90% efficiency.

Some of the common side effects that you are likely to experience after using Lydia contraceptives Include;

  • Change your menstrual flow – Instead of your regular menses, you can experience either heavier or lighter compared to what you are used to and may also cause spotting. This is the vaginal bleeding after your menstrual period and before the next flow. What’s more, even after having your menses or way before, it interferes with the monthly pattern of your whole cycle.
  • After using it, you may likely feel nauseated, which may eventually lead to vomiting.
  • Lower abdominal pain – The pill cause what is commonly known as cramping to the user, especially if you have never experienced it.
Lydia Contraceptives Performance And Side Effects: Is It Harmful?
  • Might cause fatigue in some cases, though this hasn’t been reported frequently.
  • Lydia contraceptives may also bring headaches and dizziness which might be a problem to many people, as a precaution, you need to take each tab in a span of 12 hrs. This is to make it more effective and help lessen the effects the pill might cause.
  • It may also bring breast tenderness to the user, though rare it was reported in a number of patients.

The best thing about Lydia pills is that the effects do not last, but rather disappear after a very short period.

Can Lydia contraceptive fail?

It would be unreal to say that the pill has a 100% chance of never failing. If the prescribed format is not adhered to, the pill is at a higher the risk of failing. For instance, when taken later than the prescribed time of 24 hours after having unprotected sex, the remedy has a higher chance of failing. The earlier you have the pill, the better results you can expect. Notably, the two pills are taken within a span of 12 hrs. This is a measure used to reduce the side effects like nausea that might result in vomiting.

How Lydia contraceptive works

Lydia contraceptive works by preventing the release of an ovum (egg). It also blocks fertilization by Interfering with the transport of sperm and egg through the tubes. Moreover, the pill impedes the implantation process by changing the endometrium. Note that once the process of implantation has taken place, this pill is ineffective. Remember, this is not an abortion pill.

The price of Lydia contraceptive in Ghana ranges from 4 to 19 Cedis ($1.20 - $5.78).


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