Is John Dumelo married right now?

Is John Dumelo married right now?

The handsome award-winning Ghanaian actor is the talk of the town especially for the single ladies who fantasize over the talented guy. Not only is he an accomplished actor but he is a jack of all trades as he has recently invested in farming. He also has a heart of giving as he is in involved in various charity foundations across the country.

Is John Dumelo married right now?

Is John Dumelo Married Right Now?

All these attributes make him more attractive and begs the questions is John Dumelo married? Recently he released pictures of an engagement ring on his official Facebook page captioned “she said yes.” This really disappointed many of her female fans who were head over heels in love with the catch. The good news is that it was all an act. John Dumelo’s marriage prank was a stunt which he plotted perfectly, to the point he received congratulatory message from the Ghana entertainment fraternity.

Is John Dumelo married right now?

Is John Dumelo Married to Rita Dominic?

Back in 2014, pictures were leaked of what seemed to be a wedding ceremony between the beautiful Rita Dominic and the heartthrob John Dumelo. This created a fuss on the internet as many people were taken by surprise by this union. It came as a shock to many as they odd couple had never been spotted together or even rumored to be dating.

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This disappointed many of the fans especially the females who thought John Dumelo was out of the market. What could not be denied was the pair made a lovely couple. Later on, all the speculations were laid to rest when it was revealed the pictures were a scene from an upcoming Nollywood film. The movie Rosemary premiered later in films directed by Desmond Elliot.

Is John Dumelo Married to Jackie Appiah?

Is John Dumelo married right now?

The couple caused a major online fracas especially from her ever drooling female fans who were disappointed with the possible news that their knight and shining armor was out of the market. Pictures of him and Jackie Appiah added salt to the injury. The two were pictured in a hotel room in Dubai having the time of their lives.

They had also been spotted earlier in South Africa where they visited several tourist attraction sites. Although there had been many rumors of the handsome actor dating A-list celebrities, none of the allegations seemed to bear any water. After some time, the hope of her many female fans come to pass as the alleged couple have been spotted again together.

Is John Dumelo Married to Yvonne Nelson?

Is John Dumelo married right now?

The chemistry between John Dumelo and the beautiful Yvonne Nelson sparked rumors of the two dating. One time during an interview, the actor elaborated further on his relationship with the Ghanaian actress. He maintained that both of them were good friends since long. He also stated that the chemistry existed due to the field of work they worked. Upon further inquiry of whether there was a possibility of an intimate relationship, he refuted the claims.

He also shared his fear of marriage, based on the high number of divorce cases reported across the country. But he disclosed further that he was in a relationship with a lady whom he wouldn’t mention her name. He gave hope to her female fans on the possibility of settling down in the future when the time is right.

Is John Dumelo Married to Becca?

Is John Dumelo married right now?

There had been rumored allegations of a secretly organized marriage between John Dumelo and the beautiful songstress Becca. The actor was spotted rocking an elegant suit as he came to pick her ‘betrothed’ adorned in a gorgeous wedding dress. The lovely couple melted the hearts of many of their fans. But it was just an organized make-belief wedding on stage.

The two have been friends for many years since their school years. He was just playing a role in the Afro-pop singer’s stage performance as the two were compatible. Many fans were disappointed as they expected an intimate relationship between the two.

Currently, the handsome actor is single and focused on his acting career and farming business. To all the hopeful female fans, the star opened up in an interview that there is a possibility of him settling down in the future.

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