Ghana Armed forces recruitment 2017/2018

Ghana Armed forces recruitment 2017/2018

Thinking of joining the country's armed forces? Well, here is everything you need to know about this year's recruitment process

Ghana Armed forces recruitment 2017/2018

Ghana Armed Forces Recruitment Process

After sending your application form, all qualified recruits will be sent an email to notify them on venue and time of the recruitment process. First, they will present all the documents prescribed on the emails. They include all academic and personal certificates. The next stage is the full body inspection. Recruits will be inspected to certify they fit the required height. Also tattoos and other body marks will be inspected. The next stage, the recruits will sit for an interview. They will be tested on their general knowledge on different areas of interests.

Ghana Armed forces recruitment 2017/2018

After proceeding from this stage, the recruits will be tested on their team player skills. They will work with other recruits in groups to complete simple tasks together. They will finally go through an extensive medical screening process. The results from the medical examination will determine whether the recruits advance to the last level.

The last stage will be an interview with top military officers. The questions are to determine whether the candidates are adequately prepared for the academy. Successful candidates will be advised on joining instructions. This includes the reporting dates to the Ghana Military Academy.

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Ghana Armed Forces Recruitment 2017-2018 Requirements

To be recruited into the Ghana Armed forces you must first be a Ghanaian citizen by birth. You are required to carry your national identity card. For further evidence, you must also provide your birth certificate. You should also have a good character report from any recognized police station across the country. All applicants must be adults of 18 years and must not exceed 25 years.

Ghana Armed forces recruitment 2017/2018

You are required to have a clearance certificate from any recognized health facility. The report should include details of your medical history. You must be medically fit to qualify for Ghana armed forces recruitment. You will also go through a fitness exercise to ensure to fit the Ghana Armed Forces standards. You should not be married at the time of recruitment. For females, you must not be pregnant at the time of recruitment.

There will be different levels of recruitment into the Ghana Armed Forces ranks. You will also provide your academic certificates. You must possess at least five credits in WASSCE which is inclusive of a core in English and Mathematics. All requirement details will be made through the Ghana Armed Forced official website

Ghana Armed Forces Recruitment Questions

During the recruitment process, you will be interviewed on various areas of general knowledge. You will be asked on the reasons why you want to join the Ghana Armed Forces. You will be asked on the information you have heard about the army and the training exercise. You will also be questioned on your hobbies and commitments you have either at home or work.

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Some of the questions will be pertaining to the application form. The main idea is to certify that the information on the application form is true. You will be tested on your attitude when it comes to physical exercise. You will be tasked with the knowledge with the general functioning of the army. You will be tested on your knowledge of the different Ghana Armed Forces ranks.


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