How to prepare pancake in Ghana

How to prepare pancake in Ghana

Pancakes are very simple to make and without doubt very tasty. Want to try out something new from breakfast besides cookies and bread , TRY THIS..

how to prepare pancake in Ghana

A pancake is a thin and round cake which is usually prepared by mixing flour, eggs, milk and butter among other ingredients. Usually, it is cooked on a pan with oil. Pancake is a favorite dish for many people. It is often eaten with tea, milk or coffee especially during breakfast.

How to make pancakes

Pancakes are very easy to prepare and only take very few minutes. Here’s a pancake recipe.

Pancake ingredients

  • ½ liter fresh milk
  • Flour (2 spoons)
  • Nutmeg
  • 1 spoon of sugar
  • 1 egg
  • Salt
  • Oil
how to prepare pancake in Ghana
Ingredients needed for pancake preparation..

Pancake preparation

Follow these steps for homemade pancakes.

Step 1: Put the flour into a container. The flour can be self-raising or all-purpose flour.

Step 2: Add a pinch of salt, one spoon of sugar and the nutmeg into the container.

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Step 3: Add an egg

Step 4: Add milk and stir all the ingredients to make a pancake mix. The milk should be added in small amounts until the mixture is smooth and has a soft texture. Adding a lot of milk can make the mixture runny. Little milk could also thicken the mixture. Therefore, add the milk until the required runniness is achieved.

how to prepare pancake in Ghana
Mixing ingredients

Step 5: Once the mixture is ready, it is time to cook the pancake. Put the frying pan with oil on heat. Ensure that the oil spreads out on the whole surface of the pan.

Step 6: Use a medium sized cooking spoon to scoop the pancake mixture. Pour it on the pan. To avoid burning the pancake, use medium heat.

Step 7: Let the content cook until it becomes golden brown. Then turn so that the other side can cook as well.

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Your pancake is ready. For it to be tasty, you might spread chocolate or jam and roll it. You can then serve it with tea, coffee or juice. You can also eat the pancake alone as a snack.

This pancake easy recipe can be used by any person who wants to learn how to prepare pancakes. There are several pancake types. The taste and flavor depends on the ingredients used. In some cases, milk can be substituted with eggs and vice versa.

Pancake nutrition

Research shows that a pancake contains high levels of carbohydrates, 28.26 g and some few amounts of 1 g fiber. Carbohydrates are important in the body as they provide sufficient amounts of energy to enable people carry out activities. Interestingly, the amount of fiber in a pancake can be increased. This can be done by adding chia or flax seeds. A person can also use whole wheat when making pancakes to ensure that it is healthy.

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how to prepare pancake in Ghana

A pancake also contains proteins 4 g, and fat which is 1.9g. Proteins are important for body building. It can be boosted by adding many eggs into the mixture. However, the fats can lead to increased body weight. As such, it can be reduced in a pancake by using almond butter which has low fat contents.

Minerals such as selenium and phosphorous and vitamin B are also contained in a pancake. Phosphorous promotes proper health of teeth and bones. Selenium prevents body cells from being damage. Vitamin B is facilitates red blood cells manufacture in the body as well as the proper functional of the nervous system.

Due to the benefits and side effects, pancakes should be eaten in the required amounts.

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