Political history of Ghana in brief

Political history of Ghana in brief

How much do you know about the history of Ghana and how it rose to where it is politically? Find out the vital details of the history of Ghana's political struggles and achievements in this article.

political history of Ghana in brief

History of Ghana Constitution

Since the 18th Century Ghana, then known as Gold Coast, was under the white supremacy. There were freedom fighters who felt the rule of the white man was cruel. They also lived to see the day where they made their own rules concerning the people of their country. The political history of Ghana dates back to the time where political struggles ensued. The main reason for the political struggles was for inclusivity of the local leaders in the law making process.

Their attempts finally paid off when they were included in the Legislative Council. Their main role was to offer advisory to the Governor. They still felt left out since the Governor had all the power in his hand, which included legislative and executive powers. A milestone was marked in the early 19th Century when six African members were nominated.

It was until 1951, when massive numbers of Africans totaling 75 were nominated to the Legislative Council. Full legislative and executive powers were realized in 1957, when Ghana attained political independence. This gave birth to the constitution of Ghana which resembled the Westminster model.

political history of Ghana in brief

Map of Ghana

Political History of Ghana

The political history of Ghana started in the 19th Century. There was need of independence from the Europeans. Many Ghanaian leaders started educating their fellow Ghanaians on the fruits of attaining independence. They didn’t have to lobby much since many Africans suffered under the colonialist’s rule. The first public outcry on the need for independence was in 1948.

Dr. Kwame Nkrumah spearheaded the independence agenda to all Ghanaians. He had leadership skills from being a teacher in Ghana and Britain. He witnessed all the atrocities being committed to his fellow people by the Europeans. He was among the leaders who were nominated to the Government during the victory in the elections in 1951.

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Gold coast became the first state under the British reign to attain self-government. 6 March, 1957 is an important date to all Ghanaians as it marks the day they broke free from the British colonial rule. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah also become the first Prime Minister. He later became the first president of Ghana on 1 July, 1960.

political history of Ghana in brief

political prisoner soon after release

History of Ghana President

The first President of Ghana, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah was born in 1909. He spent most of his early life abroad where he pursued higher education. He was a strong believer in uniting with other African countries in order to abolish the British rule. He was aware of all the injustices the British were perpetrating against his people. He became an activist for national independence of African countries under the British rule.

His return to the Gold Coast marked the beginning of the end of the British colonial rule. He was the fore-leaders of the Convention People’s Party which mainly advocated for national independence. During the first large-scale elections that were held in 1951, he was nominated the Prime Minister. A post he maintained after Ghana gained independence from the British.

political history of Ghana in brief

Dr. Kwame Nkrumah

History of Ghana Elections

The first ever elections that were held in Gold Coast was in 1925. It was held under the Guggisberg constitution. It was the stepping stone for other elections for the Ghanaians. It saw for the first time six African members nominated to the Legislative council. Although the Legislative Council had no power over the supreme Governor’s rule.

It was not until 1946, where the Guggisberg constitution was abolished and the Burns constitution was adopted. The Governor’s supreme reign was neutralized and the Legislative Council assumed power.

In 1951, the large scale elections were held in the Gold coast. This was the last stride of the Africans in attaining national independence. This saw the nomination of 75 African members to the Legislative Council. Later, the country attained national independence and the British colonial rule came to an end. Ghana constituted its first constitution where they elected Dr. Kwame Nkrumah as the first president.

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