Single Ghanaian ladies are finding their "Mr. right" at these 4 places

Single Ghanaian ladies are finding their "Mr. right" at these 4 places

Where can you find your dream husband, the church or cemetery? Well, this was the question that got so many readers of sharing their wild thoughts and suggestions.

4 golden places to find a good husband
4 golden places to find a good husband

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The opportunity of finding for yourself the right person for marriage is the dream of every single person especially women.

It’s so frustrating for a single woman to get married to a man only to suffer the pain of infidelity or divorce. has compiled the major response to the question and shares with you the best place to find the right husband.

1. Everywhere

To some of our readers, it never matters where one finds love when it comes to finding a good and responsible husband. They believe love can be found everywhere and also can a good husband. For those of us who just got married to our loved ones, we may have found them either at a Church service, fan game, picnic or even funeral. The basic truth here is that love can find you even if you are in hell.

2. Prison

Some readers believe the worst places on earth, the prison cell, has the potential of attracting the needed love needed in a good husband. They believe the horrors of a prison cell can produce the best of marriage material. Prison cells are mostly reformation centres for criminals. It is in this light that finding the right person could also mean an ex-convict. After all, love never judges.

3. Reasonable and decent place

Some readers believe a good man can only be found at a good and decent place such as a school, church, seminar, conference...the list goes on and on. But don’t you think this point could not exactly be the case? Well, maybe if only you tried this and see. After All, there’s no harm in trying.

4. In the arms of God.

Oh, yea! The religious and God-fearing ones believe that a good and responsible man can only be found through prayer and supplication. According to them, it’s not always about the books and Hollywood movie but also through the direction of God. They believe a good man is given by God and not the world.

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You have read all our readers believe to be the places you can find a good husband, what about you, do you have any additions? Get in touch and drop your thoughts in the comments section below.

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