3 reasons why veteran actor Psalm Adjetefio cried during interview with Delay

3 reasons why veteran actor Psalm Adjetefio cried during interview with Delay

Veteran actor, Psalm Adjetefio commonly known as TT for his role in the popular has been in the news in the last 48 hours over an interview he had on the Delay Show.

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Psalm Adjetefio made some chilling revelations during an inteinterview with Delay
Psalm Adjetefio during the interview

In the interview which had the experienced actor break down in tears, he made a lot of very serious revelations about his life.

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YEN.com.gh has put together some of the sad things he revealed which he could be said to have regretted.

1. Not caring enough for his kids.

According to him, his first marriage fell apart after some misunderstanding with the wife. He then fell into the arms of another woman.

While moving to Cape Coast to live with the new woman, he brought along his kids. But instead of looking after the kids, she was maltreating them.

She even at times abused them physically. Though the maltreatment happened on his blind side and he left the woman immediately it came to his notice, he apologised profusely to his children fro forsaking them.

2. Not doing enough to patch up with his first wife

The veteran actor actor admitted in the interview that it was hasty of him to have jumped into the arms of another woman when he had problemswith his wife.

Obviously, if he had sorted out their relationship, he would not have put his children in the hands of another lady whom she described as a demon.

He therefore advised married people to always relax and solve their problems before making decisions they will later regret in the future as he has.

3. Bad eating habit

The actor has very criticial medial conditions including an enlarged heart and shifted organs which he needs an immediate surgery to correct.

His ill health, according to him, is partly due to his weight and he regrets the situation of having to rely on only banku and rice as his meal. This lifestyle he added, does not enable one live healthy.

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Meanwhile Delay has started an appeal for funds to support the actor financially, so he can undergo surgery and also get some money to sort his rent issues.

Donations can made through Vodafone Cash to 0502370675.

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