Bread seller aided Kwabenya jailbreak

Bread seller aided Kwabenya jailbreak

- Police sources say preliminary investigations revealed the bread seller smuggled her phone to a Nigerian inmate in the cell, hours before the attack

- The bread seller is among the 12 suspects who have been arrested in connection with the attack

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It has been revealed that a bread seller near the Kwabenya Police Headquarters aided in the jailbreak engineered by seven suspects.

The lady, identified as Nancy Dentah, is reported to have helped the inmates and their accomplices plan the jailbreak.

Bread seller aided Kwabenya jailbreak

Some of the escapees who have been re-arrested

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She reportedly aided the suspects to initiate contact with the gang that stormed the police station to forcibly free them from their cells.

Two weeks ago, a group of armed men invaded the Kwabenya Police Headquarters to free seven suspects who were being kept in cells.

The armed men shot and killed the police officer on duty, Inspector Emmanuel Ashilevi, before aiding their colleagues to break from jail.

However, police sources say the attack was aided by a bread seller who trades near the police station where the incident happened.

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She has subsequently been arrested along with 11 other suspects involved in the killing of Inspector Ashilevi and breaking from jail.

Also, all seven escapees have been rearrested after the Police launched a manhunt for them across the country.

All the suspects are expected to be arraigned before court on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, family of the slain police officer have appealed to government to give their son a state burial, whiles of requesting that a welfare fund is initiated to cater for his wife and children.

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