Truth About Tiger Nuts and Sperm Count

Truth About Tiger Nuts and Sperm Count

Without any doubt, it is every man’s wish to become a father as well as enjoy his sex life. However, due to poor reproductive health, not all men are able to satisfy such needs. Low sperm count can be detrimental to the emotional well-being of a man. For such reasons, it is wise to consume certain foods such as tiger nuts to increase the sperm count as well as improve the functionality of the reproductive systems.

Truth About Tiger Nuts and Sperm Count

What are Tiger Nuts?

Tiger nuts are not actually nuts but tubers. However, they have similar nutritional values as nuts. They contain nutrients such as calcium, phosphorous, fiber, zinc, potassium, vitamins E and C among others. They are found in Africa, India, Europe and the Middle East.

Tiger nuts and sperm count

By increasing the sperm count, Tiger nuts play an essential role in boosting fertility in men. This is usually done in three ways.

First, tiger nuts enhance testosterone production. This is enabled by the elements of zinc and vitamins which work to facilitate the manufacture of testosterone.

Secondly, tiger nuts contain vitamin E which increases the count and quality of the sperms. Research shows that regular consumption of tiger nuts not only increases the sperm count but also ensures that quality sperms are produced.

Thirdly, tiger nuts contain omega 3 that facilitates flow of blood to the men’s reproductive areas. By consuming tiger nuts, plaque in arteries can be removed such that blood flows appropriately to the reproductive organs. Ultimately, erectile dysfunction in men is prevented as well as treated.

Through the factors listed above, men’s libido and sexual performance improves.

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Truth About Tiger Nuts and Sperm Count

Tiger Nuts Milk

Benefits of tiger nuts

Apart, from solving the issue of sperm count, there are several tiger nuts health benefits as outlined below.

Tiger nuts enhance female fertility

Tiger nuts and fertility go hand in hand. Tiger nuts have a methanolic extract that promotes proper health and functioning of the reproductive system in women. Through regular consumption of tiger nuts, the estrogen levels rise and the woman becomes more fertile.

The vitamin E contained in tiger nuts ensure that a woman experiences a normal menstruation cycle and that ovulation does not stop. As such, the woman can increase their chances of becoming pregnant.

The vitamin E is also vital during pregnancy. It strengthens the amniotic sac as well as facilitates the formation of the placenta.

Additionally, tiger nuts prevent the fallopian tubes from blocking and fibrosis.

Enhance breast milk production

Some women usually lack enough milk to breast feed their young ones. Increasing the intake of tiger nuts can enable them to produce huge amounts of milk.

Blood pressure control

Tiger nuts ensure that the blood pressure in the body is neither too high nor too low.

Tiger nuts contain a lot of fiber

The high levels of fiber in tiger nuts are important for preventing constipation, preventing weight gain as well as heart diseases.

Facilitate proper digestion of food

If you have problems with your digestive system, it is recommended to consume tiger nuts. They prevent cramps as well as cure irritable bowels.

Help in the management of diabetes

Tiger nuts play an important role or regulating sugar levels in the blood. This is enabled by the presence of insoluble fiber in them.

Promotes overall health of the body

Tiger nuts contain huge amounts of vitamins and magnesium. These elements strengthen the muscles and bones as well as ensure that all organs function well.

Tiger nuts health benefits are many. Interestingly, they can be consumed when uncooked dried, roasted or blended to make milk.

Truth About Tiger Nuts and Sperm Count

Disadvantages of tiger nuts

Too much consumption of tiger nuts can be dangerous to the body. This is because:

• The elements contained in them may act as allergens thus triggering infections in the body.

• They contain huge amounts of calories that can lead to increase in the weight.

Based on these factors, it is advised that a person consumes considerable amounts of tiger nuts.

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