Is Wrestling Real or Fake?

Is Wrestling Real or Fake?

For some people, watching wrestling is fun and is a must-do activity during leisure time, some of us are addicts. We like the entrance themes, the dress codes, and the cheering and jeering from the fans. However, while people get hooked to this entertainment, they always wonder how the wrestlers can endure the blows, kicks, superman punches. This begs the question; is wrestling real or fake?

Is Wrestling Real or Fake?

We like the way the superstars show case their different tactics of wrestling. It is astonishing how people succumb to the suplex from the likes of Brock Lesnar, Undertaker’s choke slam and the tombstone pile driver among others. Hence, many people are torn on what to believe. Some assume that wrestling is real while others believe that wrestling is fake.

Is Wrestling Real or Fake

Whether wrestling is fake or not depends on how a person perceives it. Based on series that have been released in the past like Total Divas, one can tell that wrestling is acting. The wrestlers are usually assigned a story line that they must perform to the audience. The story lines must vary; some depict hatred between wrestlers, unity, entertainment through songs and comedy, betrayal, division of power and societal aspects among others.

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Since wrestling is acting, it is not appropriate to declare that it is fake. Movies are usually acted but we rarely describe them as fake. Instead, we marvel at the expertise of acting that is shown by the actresses. We even go to the extent of rewarding the best movies and actors. Just because something is acted does not mean it is not real. Such is the case with wrestling.

Is Wrestling Real or Fake?
WWE The Ringer

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Here is why wrestling is real:

It might be fake, but the injuries are real.

Pain and injuries

First of all, wrestlers succumb to pain and injuries. The head bumps, choke slams, the falls, the blows and kicks are strong enough to render cause injuries to the wrestlers. Some of them have undergone, leg, neck, and back surgeries among others to correct the deformations in their bodies as a result of wrestling.

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Additionally, the mats on the stage are not soft. They are usually very hard and one can tell based on the sounds produced during performances. Therefore, one can only imagine how painful it can be to fall or be thrown on that floor.


To become a wrestler, you need to have undergone training for a long time. If the moves on the stage are not articulated well, they can pose danger to the wrestler. Additionally, the story line could be ruined. As such, wrestlers are usually assigned roles based on their capabilities. For instance, in WWE, wrestlers are categorized into the experts and the upcoming ones. Individuals from either group perform on particular days.

The chairs, ladders and tables used

In WWE, an event known as TLC, Tables, Ladders and Chairs is usually held annually. It involves wrestlers fighting with these tools to the point of breaking or bending them. These props are not fake. They are real and this makes wrestling real.

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In some occasions, the wrestlers experience concussions. Hence, stringent rules have been established to prevent wrestlers from targeting their opponent’s head.

Wrestling is a sport

Some of the moves used in wrestling are borrowed from popular sports such as jiu-jitsu and MMA. Submission moves can be altered during the match to reduce the impact of hitting the opponents. The blocking of the moves makes wrestling real and fun to watch.

Is Wrestling Real or Fake?

Is wrestling fake?

There are minor reasons why people assert that wrestling is fake.

Everything in a wrestling session is predetermined. Wrestlers usually practice the moves to articulate on stage before performing live. For them to entertain the audience, they must assist each other during the match. The wrestler on the receiving end has to adjust their bodies so that the opponent can articulate the move. This is why some times they intentionally miss the target since the move could cause harm to them.

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Additionally, the winner of the match is known. The referee therefore is not neutral. He knows what to do so that the preferred wrestler can win.

At times, the moves are usually exaggerated. The wrestler on the receiving end might pretend that they are in pain while in essence, they do not feel anything.

For such reasons, if you want to judge whether wrestling is fake or real, ask your self is wrestling acting? If yes, then it is not fake. Otherwise it is a sham, which is not the case.

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