Highest paid Nigerian actors in 2020: Top 7

Highest paid Nigerian actors in 2020: Top 7

Nollywood has gained much acceptance and respect from the rest of the continent since Nigerian movies are one of the most watched movies in Africa. This has turned Nollywood into a lucrative business venture especially for the Nigerian actors. Most of the actors have given up their careers in order to venture into the film industry. Nigeria actors gossip is centered around the lavish lifestyles the actors live.

Highest Paid Nigerian Actors in 2017-2018
Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD)

Currently, the Nigerian Film industry is booming with business. From the films’ sales and ratings, it is safe say that both producers and actors are reaping the benefits of their sweat. Below Nigeria’s highest paid actors list:

Richard Mofe Damijo – Net worth $7 Million

To many, he is RMD. He is among the eldest Nollywood stars and has gained most experience. Before starting his career in acting, he was a journalist and publisher.

Formerly, he was a commissioner for Culture and Tourism in Delta State. He also has a career in film productions. RMD has several contracts with big companies and also does voice cover for radio and television commercials.

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highest paid nigerian actors in 2017-2018
Desmond Elliot

Desmond Elliot – Net Worth $10 Million

The charming Nigerian actor, producer and recently appointed politician into parliament has accomplished milestones in the film industry. Elliot has won numerous prestigious awards in his acting career. He makes his daily bread from the stretch of talents he has including acting, directing, endorsement deals with big companies and recently politics.

highest paid nigerian actors in 2017-2018
Jim Iyke

Jim Iyke – Net Worth $30 Million

Apart from his already established acting career, Jim Iyke is a well-known businessman having set up major shops in the city. He is the manager of ‘Burgeon Table Company’ which supplies bottled water. The talented actor is known for his high sense of fashion hence co-founding his own clothing line named ‘Untamed Closet’. The actor has a heart of giving since he created a Foundation for Children with Special Disabilities.

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highest paid nigerian actors in 2017-2018
Chidi Mokeme

Chidi Mokeme – Net Worth $7 Million

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The talented Nigerian actor among the most hardworking actors in the industry. He also has a successful career as a model and a television host. He has several endorsements deals big companies which pay his bills generously.

highest paid nigerian actors in 2017-2018
Segun Arinze

Segun Arinze – Net Worth $1.5 Million

He is usually the protagonist in many films. His character has earned his major roles in huge films. The multi-talented actor is a jack of all trades as he is involved in the Nigerian music industry as a singer. He also does voice over radio and television commercials. His debut in the film industry dates back in the 90’s and has been growing ever since.

highest paid nigerian actors in 2017-2018
John Okafor

John Okafor - Net Worth $4.2 Million

He is undoubtedly one of the funniest and sought after comedians in Nollywood. His debut in the film Mr. Ibu cracked the ribs of many until the name stuck to him. He has been featured in many comedy films where his personality and antics will make you crack down into tears. He has a wide fan base across Africa thus making him one of the most paid Nigerian actors currently.

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highest paid nigerian actors in 2017-2018
Peter Edochie

Peter Edochie – Net Worth $3.8 Million

The career of this talented Nollywood actor started after playing lead-role in a dramatization of Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart. Initially, he was a broadcaster working at the Eastern Nigerian Corporation. After successfully executing his role in Things Fall Apart where he mimicked Okonkwo, he ventured in the acting industry. Many years later, he is one of the veteran actors and he is paid handsomely for any role.

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