Reasons why Ghanaians don't believe Bawumia in London photos

Reasons why Ghanaians don't believe Bawumia in London photos

About a week after Vice President Bawumia's sudden health-related trip to the UK, photos of a healthy-looking Bawumia walking the streets of London accompanied by his wife, Samira, hit the Ghanaian media.

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The photos were said to have been taken during the Vice President's current trip to the UK.

Since the release of the photos, some Ghanaians have expressed doubt concerning the photos, and have raised several concerns. put together a few reasons why skeptics have cast doubt over the photos, and thought we should share these reasons with our readership.

Vice President Bawumia and Second Lady, Samira Bawumia in black coats

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No security detail

Though Vice President Bawumia's visit is not an official state visit, there was an absence of an official security detail in the photos shared last weekend.

None of the photos or the video shared give the slightest hint that even a single bodyguard was assigned to provide security for the Vice President and his wife.

Bawumia's "silence"

The Vice President's trip to the UK, along with the shroud of mystery surrounding what prompted his trip in the first place has caused a lot of debate in Ghana. In the video, the Vice President fails to so much as comment on his condition, or the circumstances surrounding his trip to the UK.

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The Vice President

In the video, the Vice President and Second Lady walk the streets of London without turning too many heads except for one Ghanaian who introduces himself as Christian Asante.

Adidas Shop signage

Although this particular point has been highly debated, some onlookers have stated that the Adidas shop seen in the video is said to no longer have the signage seen at the time the video was taken.

Nevertheless, some sections of the public have responded by saying that there are several of these shops on that street and that their signage is prone to frequent change.

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