Nice office dress styles for men and women 2019

Nice office dress styles for men and women 2019

Going to an office means serious business, and your dress style really matters. In an office setting, decency is mandatory because at work, people meet different clients and if not, the setting is formal and one should dress appropriately. Some companies take dress code very seriously and failure to adhere to the dress code, one can be suspended, or even fired. It is therefore important to have adequate knowledge on office wear.

Nice office dress styles for men and women 2019

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Remember that how you dress determines how people treat you.

Office dress styles for women

For the ladies, make- up should not be overdone. For the lovers of make up, ensure that its mild too much powder is not good in an office setting. The hairstyles should be neat. Consider holding your hair up in a band or having it combed well and make sure that it does not appear shaggy. The jewelery also should not be too much. It should be moderate. The shoes should be official, closed not open but not old schools either. Doll shoes are a solution to the women that do not like high heels, and for those who do, you can wear them to work.

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The skirts and blouses should be well ironed. For a finished look, consider looking for a skirt suit, a coat and skirt that match. As for the dresses, an office straight dress style is the way to go; without plaits, and preferably bold colors. This gives it a more serious look. Below is an example of the latest office dress styles.

Office dress styles for men

Men have few options as compared to women because a woman can wear an official trouser, a skirt or a dress and still look professional. A man on the other hand has to wear a trouser; other office dress styles options are limited. For the men, grooming is very essential when going to work. Consider shaving the excess hair and the beard to look presentable. Men should also ensure that they wear a shirt and trouser that are well ironed. There is normally a confusion on which tie to wear to work, for a white shirt consider wearing ties with bold colors and for other colors, make sure that the tie is not the same color as the shirt for example, a pink shirt would compliment with a brown tie. For a more simple office dress styles, go for ties that are striped. Tying a tie is actually not a problem to many.

For the belt, make sure that your belt is the same color as the shoes. It helps accentuate the look, and every man wants to look sharp. If you wear brown shoes please make sure that the belt is brown. Avoid the big clips on belts and settle for smaller and neater ones.

The suit should be well ironed, and the coat matches the trouser. In this case, you will not worry about color clashing, because some men are naturally color blind. If the suit has a bright color, avoid putting on a tie that has a bright color. In a working environment, toning it down is key.

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