Beyonce net worth

Beyonce net worth

Many people wish to become Beyonce or something close to Beyonce. This woman is not only influential but an epitome of success, beauty and wealth. She has created a name that is known in very many places around the globe. It is hard to get enough of her hits which often appear on the top lists.

Beyonce net worth

If you have not heard about the 38 year old goddess in music, you probably must be living in the dark. Beyonce Giselle Knowles has been married to the famous rapper, Jay Z for almost a decade now. The 38 year old has been able to accumulate a lot of wealth owing to her prowess in music. You must probably be asking what is beyonce net worth?

Here’s what you need to know about Beyonce net worth.

Beyonce net worth 2017

As of May 2017, the renowned R&B artist, fashion designer and actress was recorded to have $350 million net worth by Forbes. Queen Bey, as she is popularly known started her career in a group called Destiny’s Child. In the group, they recorded and sang music that resonated well with many people. However, she only became much popular when she started producing music as an individual. Since 2001, Beyonce became a source of admiration for many people. She was invited to act movies, won awards and made huge amounts of money from the sale of her music.

Beyonce net worth

Beyonce with husband Jay-Z

Beyonce has sold several records of her music. Up to date, she has sold over 75million records of her individual music. She has also earned from the 60 Million records sold together with Destiny’s Child. This can be attributed to her prowess in singing and the love of music by her fans. In 2013, Queen Bey sold a whopping 1.43 million units of the Beyonce Album. Interestingly, this album had only been available for just four weeks.

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Even though music has made this queen famous, it is not her only source of income. She is a wise woman who has made investments in several areas. Beyond has expressed her love for fashion and now owns the Dereon Clothing line. Being an influential entertainer, she has been in a position to attract several people to her business. The styles used in the garments are loved by the fans of Beyonce and several celebrities’ source clothing from this company. Definitely, this earns Beyonce astronomical amounts of money.

Beyonce net worth

House of Dereon- Beyonce Clothing line

Save for Dereon Clothing Line, has been engaged in several endorsement deals. Some of the companies that she has worked with include L’Oreal and GM among others. Obviously, many business owners would like to work with Beyonce since she has the capabilities of attracting customers to a product. It goes without saying that the endorsement deal have contributed greatly towards Beyonce’s net worth. According to Beyonce, acquiring this amount of health has helped her live freely.

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The net worth of Beyonce allows her to live a very luxurious life that many people cannot afford. She has given back to the community by establishing the Survivor’s Foundation to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. Additionally, through her music, she has been able to air out several concerns in the society thus pushing for change.


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