List of Supposedly Dead Nigerian Actors

List of Supposedly Dead Nigerian Actors

The past two years have been the most successful in the Nollywood industry especially in terms of achievement and career advancement of most actors and actresses. Unfortunately, those past two years have had numerous deaths robbing the industry amazing talents. Some of the most famous actors and actresses that have graced the screens and entertained fans over the years passed on within this period. This has led to certain allegations of deaths and a list of supposedly dead Nigerian actors that were not always verified.

List of Supposedly Dead Nigerian Actors

With a busy and established industry such as Nollywood, rumors are common. Unfortunately, the joke sometimes crosses the line and the fake death news spread so fast that fans and other news consumers believe the lies. Actors and actresses as well as video producers and other players in the industry are often the ones bearing the brunt of such rumors as their names are often tarnished when people finally discover that they were not dead. The following is a list of some of the actors that have been thought to be dead because of varied reasons.

List Nigerian Actors and Actresses Who Are Rumored to Be Dead

While there are several dead Nigerian actors that people actually know about, there are others that have been thought to be dead even when they are alive. In most cases it is often as a result of mistaken identity due to similarities of names. In certain cases, the said actors revealed that claims and rumors were started by malicious people who were out to destroy and kill their identity. Here is a list of some of the supposedly dead actors.

Genevieve Nnaji

List of Supposedly Dead Nigerian Actors

This is one of the first actresses in Nollywood. She was one of the pioneers in the industry and has seen Nollywood grow and take shape to what it is today. The news of her passing came as a shock to many of her fans as it meant that Nigerian film industry had lost a veteran that would be missed. However, as it turned out, it was a case of mistaken identity as Nnaji is very much alive. The artists being confused in this case was Genevieve Nene in 2016. The actress lost her life after she was recuperating from typhoid disease. She had starred in several movies and was loved by many. However, the confusion that Nnaji had passed on had taken the film world in Nigeria by storm.

Desmond Elliot

List of Supposedly Dead Nigerian Actors

Desmond is not new to such bizarre news of alleged death. He came face to face with such allegations when someone posted on Facebook in September 2012 claiming that he was dead. It was so surprising that even the doubting 'Thomases' were carried away by this fake news. It even became more convincing when the claims were amplified and followed by a photo that was supposed to depict a scene in an upcoming movie. Common readers being who they are did not bother to read the disclaimer that showed the origin of the news being linked to the movie. The breaking news caption on Facebook went viral in three hours and left people wondering who had murdered Desmond especially because they maliciously reposted the content without including the disclaimer.

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Van Vicker

List of Supposedly Dead Nigerian Actors

Although he is not from Nigeria, the popular Actor who often features in Nollywood movies came out strongly to refute claims of his being involved in an accident that led to his death. He in fact posted a photo with his publicists as a confirmation of his being alive and well. For him these rumors were started by persons that were supposed to burn by Holy Ghost fire. The rumors began from a fake Nadia Buari’s Facebook page.

Nigerian Actors Who Have Died

While some people are busy checking out and starting off rumors about live actors being dead, there are those who have left the industry through death. There are many Nigerian actors that are dead for various reasons. The following is a list and brief summary of some of these dead Nigerian actors and actress stars that will be missed.

Muna Obiekwe

List of Supposedly Dead Nigerian Actors

Muna Obiekwe was one of the finest actors in Nollywood. However, after battling a renal-related problem for a short period, a hospital in Festac Town pronounced him dead and quoted kidney failure as the cause of death. The unfortunate death was in 2015.

Olumide Bakare

List of Supposedly Dead Nigerian Actors

He passed on at the age of 65 in April 2017 after suffering from respiratory disease.

Prince James Uche

List of Supposedly Dead Nigerian Actors

This famous actor succumbed to diabetes and complications from kidney problems three days before his scheduled operation in India.

Adesinya Adesanya

List of Supposedly Dead Nigerian Actors

This actor passed on from Kidney failure as friends tried to raise money for his treatment in vain.

Henrietta Kosoko

List of Supposedly Dead Nigerian Actors

The Nollywood actress passed on at the age of 53 while receiving treatment in hospital.

Bukky Ajayi

List of Supposedly Dead Nigerian Actors

This famous veteran Nigerian actresses passed on in July 2016 from heart related complications. She was famous in the 70s and was awarded the industry merit award shortly before her death.

There are many Nigerian actors who are dead that discussing all of them would almost be impossible. The dead Nigerian actors so far are few among the many that have already gone before us. The list of dead Nigerian actors and actresses reveals just how much the industry is losing some of its precious talent. Despite their passing on, these actors will remain in the minds of many by the numerous acts they took part in. Their memories live on.

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