E-Money Net Worth, Cars and Houses

E-Money Net Worth, Cars and Houses

A lot may have been said about the wealthy man, E-Money. He leads an extravagant and flamboyant life that many have been left questioning just how much he is worth and how he makes his money. Anyway, if you are curious about E-Money net worth, cars and houses here is a nice insight.

E-Money Net Worth, Cars and Houses

E-Money was born Emeka Okonkwo though he has since then been popularly known by his nickname. E-Money gained fame following wealth and his expenditure. He is the biological brother of renowned musician Kcee. Although he is living a lifestyle comparable to one of the queen, he says he did struggle early in life before getting the first $2 million contract which was the breaking point for him.

Today he is a seasoned entrepreneur and business person in Nigeria. Actually, he is one of the wealthiest persons in the land. He owns several prestigious automotives, mansions, and properties. E-Money is the proud owner of the Five-Star Music label, Emmy Cargoes Limited and a gas and oil industry.

How Much is E-Money Net Worth

It is outright hard to give an exact figure of E-Money net worth considering he is one man who has invested greatly and his investment continuously bring in money. However, it is clear that in deed he is insanely rich judging by his lifestyle, expenditure and philanthropy. In fact he is popular for using a money spraying machine to scatter money to crowds. Interesting right!

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E-Money net worth is estimated to be around 1.5 billion naira as at the year 2017 which is also the E-Money net worth Forbes report. E-Money’s mansion alone is valued at 250 million naira. Other investments, fleet of posh cars and companies are all used to calculate this young billionaire’s worth. Apparently, he has so many sources of income but it is still mysterious how he has made it large at such a young age considering he was not born into it. Anyhow, let us just settle with the 2 million dollar contract deal as he explained in a recent interview.

E-Money Cars and Houses

A building economically is one of the most stable assets one can invest in. E-Money cars and houses are possessions that are vivid and have set him apart from other tycoons. E-Money seems to have a good mastery when making investment decisions. He owns one of the most envious and spectacular building in Nigeria; his own palatial home estimated to cost a whooping well over 250 million naira and fore-mentioned. It has an executive private gym, vast swimming pool, an elaborate yard and expensive toys for his kids to play with.

E-Money Net Worth, Cars and Houses

E-Money Net Worth, Cars and Houses

E-Money Net Worth, Cars and Houses

He is so fond of social media and as a result shares his personal life with the public. From his photos, E-Money has a great architectural taste; the house has exquisite interior designs that take a resemblance with Arab heritage largely due to is love for gold and white color. The furniture sets are gold plates, king size beds, a complete furnish of the home with handsomely expensive appliances, fittings and fixtures.

Another notable thing about this 36 year old is the E-Money cars. He has several customized to his every day need. He drives the latest, prestigious, sleek and notable cars. It is reported that he owns a roll Royce as he once posed with the car and posted the same on social media. E-Money’s car collection comprises of a Prado Jeeps, G-wagons, BWMs, Jaguars, Rover Sports and a Range drive. He recently bought a Lexus LX 570 2017 at a cost of $90,000. In addition, he showed value for his brother Kcee, and gifted him a Mercedes Benz G-Wagon whose cost is estimated to be around 20 million naira. And so it helps he is not only philanthropic or extravagant with the public but with family too.

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