Chris Brown net worth

Chris Brown net worth

Chris Brown is one of most sensational R$B singers in the world. The prince of R$B knows how to capture the attention of his fans through his awesome music and his unique dancing moves. Since he started his career, he has released a lot of music albums and singing has become a very lucrative career for the 28 year old. This has ultimately increased the celebrity’s net worth. What is Chris Brown'S net worth?

Chris Brown net worth

Chris Brown net worth 2017 Forbes

According to Forbes, Chris Brown is worth $30 Million as of 2017. Over the years, Chris Brown’s net worth has been increasing. Even though he gained popularity from music, the net worth of Chris Brown has been built by the several activities that he has done in his life. Discussed in this article are the sources of wealth for Chris Brown.


Since he began his career, Chris Brown has made numerous sales of hos albums and earned him revenues. He has released 8 Studio albums, 106 singles, 8 mix tapes and 9 promotional singles. From these records, Chris Brown has been able to make a whopping $20.0 million. The first album that he released was among the 200 best songs on the Billboard and this earned him a Grammy award.

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Tour Sales

Being a super star, Chris Brown is able to attract several fans to attend his concerts. The sale of records from the tours has contributed towards Chris Brown's net worth. Albums like F.A.M.E. saw him make up to $ 2.6 million in a span of three years.


Apart from music, this artist has invested in business. He owns a clothing line known as Black Pyramid. Being a super star, Chris has attracted several people to his business including fellow celebrities. From this business, it is estimated that he has made $4million profit which is part of Chris Brown net worth 2017.

Chris Brown net worth

Chris Brown and daughter Royalty

Chris Brown net worth 2017 is also as a result of his Burger King Restaurants ownership. In a certain interview, he revealed to the public that he owns 15 of these restaurants. This investment enables him to earn up to $1.6 million every year.

From endorsement deals, Chris has been able to make $784,314. However, on several occasions, Chris is known to be troublesome. Probably, he could have made more from endorsement deals if he had a better reputation. He has also appeared in movies like Think like a Man.

Chris Brown is not the type to shy away from exhibiting his wealth to the public. He drives very expensive cars some of them being Lamborghini Gallardo, Porsche Turbo S and Lamborghini Aventador. Chris also lives in a very classy and outstanding crib in Hollywood Hills. The crib has several rooms and a penthouse. Additionally, his home has a salt water pool and a carport that is driven by pressure. All these depict the life of a rich celebrity.

Chris Brown net worth

The net worth of Chris Brown is likely to continue increasing. He has already created fame and produces hit song after hit song.

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