Yvonne Nelson and Chris Attoh Wedding - true?

Yvonne Nelson and Chris Attoh Wedding - true?

Yvonne Nelson is an accomplished and hardworking Ghanaian actress. She also does part-time modeling. She is the exact definition of an independent woman based on her strong entrepreneurial skills. The famous actress has featured in many blockbuster Nollywood films where she does not fail to impress with her over the top attitude and beauty.

Yvonne Nelson and Chris Attoh Wedding - true?

She gave birth to her first child in October 2017. But controversy seems to be following her everywhere. Even though debates are typical for anyone down the line of her career, this time it got personal. Claims of her husband being married to another man hit the screens. The alleged father to Yvonne’s baby happens to be a British producer.

After the baby daddy saga cooled down, another controversy made its way into the limelight. This time it starred the handsome multi-talented Ghanaian thespian Chris Attoh. Infamously recognized as Kwame Mensah for his role in the Nigeria soap opera ‘Tinsel.’ So, we did an investigation to find out whether Yvonne Nelson and Chris Attoh are married, or it’s another PR stunt.

There were wedding invites sent to well-known celebrities and the Ghanaian entertainment fraternity of Yvonne Nelson and Chris Attoh wedding. This shocked many since Chris Attoh was still married. His marriage, however, has in the recent past been in the rocks. There were even rumors of an impending divorce since things were not working out for the couple.

Before we even fathomed the divorce allegations, we were surprised by the wedding invites. We duly complied with the invitation, and on the D-day, we showed up ready to be thrilled by this unlikely union. The ceremony was organized perfectly with all the props in place. We were further shocked by the list of guests who had arrived.

Yvonne Nelson and Chris Attoh Wedding - true?

Chris Attoh

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The headlines of all newspapers read ‘Yvonne Nelson and Chris Attoh secret wedding.’ The parents of both bride and bridegroom were present in the occasion. This begged for further inquiry of whether an engagement ceremony was held or it was haphazardly conducted and concealed from the media.

The bride arrived on time, and the ceremony kicked off with shouts of ululations from the enchanted crowd. Everything was hunky dory that at one point we felt like this was the real deal. It was not until talented songstress Efya stormed the wedding that we noticed something was amiss. We later found out that it was a scene of an upcoming film called ‘Single and Married.’

Yvonne Nelson and Chris Attoh Wedding - true?

The actress is currently single and enjoying her life with her daughter. She is also working on a debut of her daughter in a reality show. The 32- year old star has returned on set and is working on her current projects.

As for Chris Attoh, he has divorced from his longtime partner Damilola Adegbite. The grounds for divorce are still unclear besides speculations of infidelity coming up. The talented star also opened up in an interview about the divorce. He stated the cause of the divorce was due to indifferences between the couple. The thespian is known for shunning away from the limelight.

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