Desmond Elliot Wife and Kids Pictures

Desmond Elliot Wife and Kids Pictures

Desmond Elliot is a veteran Nollywood actor and an accomplished film producer. He recently ventured into politics where he ran for a parliamentary seat and won overwhelmingly. He got married to the beautiful Victoria and together they are parents to four children.

Desmond Elliot Wife and Kids Pictures

They were blessed with three sons and a daughter. They named their boys Denzel, Desmond, and Donald. The only girl in the family was called Dawn. Despite being a celebrity in the public’s eye, Desmond has done a great job in keeping his family away from the public. He is a conservative person who values the principles of family. He is doing a pretty good job in raising his four children to be better people in the society.

The God-fearing thespian who is strongly molded in Christianity hopes to instill the same values that he adopted throughout his journey to stardom. The actor recently released pictures of him and his lovely family on Instagram, and they received lots of love and congratulatory messages from his fans.

Desmond Elliot's Wife

Desmond Elliot wife’s name is Victoria Ima-Obong. The lovely couple has been married for over a decade. Desmond Elliot and his wife tied the knot during Christmas back in 2003 and have stayed together till now. They were both students when they first met. It wasn't love at first sight rather; each had personal perspectives about the other.

Desmond thought Victoria was way too conservative and spiritual while Victoria thought he was way too reckless. We can say that he earned his character traits of a ‘bad boy’ way back in school. They are a living witness to the cliché that opposites attract.

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Desmond Elliot Wife and Kids Pictures

One thing led to the other, and they hit things off by being friends. Time passed, and opinions about each other started to change. His charms seemed to be working since after some time; they started dating. This went on for eight years until the day he went down on one knee and asked her to marry her.

At first, Victoria had too many challenges in their marriage especially from her husband’s drooling female fans. But they both have gone through this phase since its bound to happen to any actor’s career.

She is the pillar stone behind the success of Desmond Elliot’s career. She sacrificed her career in the banking industry to become a distributor of Nollywood movies in Nigeria. Desmond Elliot and wife both grew strong in the film industry and currently, they are a power couple in Nollywood.

Desmond Elliot Wife and Kids Pictures

Desmond Elliot's family

Desmond Elliot's Twins

Blessings seem to be planted in their path. According to tradition, giving birth to twins is a blessing from above. The lovely couple received their blessings especially after Victoria gave birth to twins. The first set of twins were healthy boys who he named Denzel and Desmond.

It was in 2010 when Victoria gave birth to her second set of adorable twins named Donald and the girl Dawn. His naming criteria has also been lauded by many. In an interview, the actor confessed to being open to having other children.

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