Airtel ghana unlimited internet bundle

Airtel ghana unlimited internet bundle

There is nothing more pleasing than having a fast and reliable source of internet connection. It ensures your work flow to be smooth and simple. It is therefore important to find a trusted internet service provider to grant your wish. Here is where Airtel Ghana comes to mind. Airtel Ghana is among the top internet service providers in Ghana.

airtel ghana unlimited internet bundle

Airtel Ghana Unlimited Internet Bundle.

They offer the best and affordable Airtel Ghana Internet bundles to ensure you keep on browsing, downloading and uploading. They recently launched Browse Chaw in order to simplify your online experience when using the network. They offer crazy deals such as free 750mb for only 1 GHc. You can also dial *700*2# to extend the expiry date of the offer. By doing this, you will be rewarded with 50mb for free.

Browse Chaw is the place you visit for all your internet products inquiries and purchases. They offer Airtel Ghana data bundles in order to keep you online in whatever you are engaged. You can enjoy Airtel Ghana bundle by simply dialing *125# on your smartphone. You will get a tailor made menu listing all the Airtel Ghana bundles that you can purchase.

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Browse Chaw will also notify you of daily offers you can get. You are also entitled to double top up rewards with bundles that are GHc 1.00 and above. In case you are ready to buy a certain bundle, but lack the airtime to purchase, Airtel Ghana has you covered. When you selected your bundle of choice, you will see their mode of payment. You can either decide to pay using your Airtel money or Airtel Account.

airtel ghana unlimited internet bundle

For new subscribers, you are in for a treat. You will be offered double data which means double the fun. All you have to do is dial *125# and purchase a 1 GHc bundle and the magic happens. You will be legible to free unlimited browsing all night. You will also be added double data. You will also between the time frame 12am to 6am, be legible for unrestricted browsing, streaming and downloading.

When you are using a modem, you are not also left out. You can go online to the Airtel Ghana address and purchase the bundle of your choice. You can also gift a friend or family member with an Airtel Ghana Internet bundle directly to their mobile phones. Through this you are sharing the love through Airtel Ghana.

Browse Chaw unlimited bundles are tailored for pre-paid users only. You are also legible to purchase other bundles apart from the Brose Chaw bundles. All you have to do is select the option ‘other bundles’ on the menu. In case your bundles are exhausted while still browsing, you can top-up and choose the preferred bundle on the menu. Then you can select the option for ‘auto-renew’ and you will immediately be connected to the bundle when it gets exhausted

airtel ghana unlimited internet bundle

Commonly used browsers

The menu on Browse Chaw are updated on a monthly basis but your buying history does not change. Your menu will be automatically updated if you’re buying history changes. In case you have troubles in purchasing any Airtel Ghana unlimited bundles you can reach out to Airtel Ghana customer care for further guidance and assistance.

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