How to write an application letter for employment

How to write an application letter for employment

After we see a job advertisement on the newspapers or on an online job site ,we set out to write our application letter and attach to it a CV. If you are unsure about how to draft an application letter find out how in this article.

how to write an application letter for employment

Application letter for employment.

Are you seeking employment? If yes, you must write an application letter. An application letter informs the potential employer about your qualifications and motivation towards seeking a job in that institution. It is usually attached with your resume. Since a job position can have numerous applications, you must make yours unique so that the employer is convinced that you should be considered for the job. Outlined in this article is what you need to know about writing an application letter for employment.

Writing application letter for employment .

To ensure that your application letter is sufficient enough to secure employment, you must first analyze the requirements of the job. This can be done by studying the job advertisement carefully. Then compare the requirements to the skills and capabilities that you possess. When writing you must keep in mind how your experience and capabilities will be applicable in that institution. Let’s say the company requires someone who can communicate effectively to fill the job vacancy. You can explain how you have gained communication skills. This way, the employer will be interested in knowing what you can offer to the company.

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Besides explaining your experiences and skills, you have to write your application letter in the recommended format. Here’s an application letter for employment format.

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Format of application letter for employment

Unlike when writing letters to friends or family, an application letter for employment must be very official. Remember, you are trying to express how valuable you can be to the organization so that they can hire you. The employers are very keen in how you present your information, in essence, the language used, length of the letter, font and the spacing.

how to write an application letter for employment

The application letter should not exceed one page length. An employer might lose interest in reading if the application letter is more than one page.

It must also be one inch away from the margins and single-spaced.

It should also have a left alignment.

The standard fonts used in official documents should be used. They can either be Times New Roman, Calibri or Arial. Times New Roman is preferred most.

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The application letter must be divided into the sections listed below:

  1. Heading: In this section, write down you contacts and those of the employer. You should include the names, physical address, mobile number and the email address.
  2. Greetings: Salute the employer with words such as “Dear Madam/Sir”. It is recommended to use such words especially when you do not know the gender of the employer.
  3. Body: Here you include three paragraphs.
  • In the first one, express your area of interest, i.e. the job and where you heard about the vacancy. It could be from the magazines, television, a friend or any other media.
  • In the second paragraph, let your employer know about the skills and experience you have. Remember, you must match them with the needs of the employer.
  • In the third paragraph, show gratitude to your employer for giving you a chance to express your interest in the job. Also write that you would appreciate if they considered you. Conclusion:

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4.Use words such as ‘Sincerely’ then your name. You must also sign before typing your name.

Remember to use correct grammar and proof read to ensure that your letter is error free. The information discussed can be used to write an application letter for any position without experience.

how to write an application letter for employment

Here is a sample of application letter for employment:

Your contact information

Employer’s contacts information

Dear Sir/Madam, (salutation)

Re: Application for the Sales Manager job

I would like to express my interest in the Sale Manager position that was posted on the Daily Magazine on 4th January 2018. My experience and skills are sufficient enough to meet the requirements of this job. (Indicate your interest in the job and from where you learned about it).

Working as a Sales Manager for MNP Company exposed me to very many activities that enhanced my experience in my line of work. I effectively managed the budgets for the company and solved customer complaints amicably for six years. (Talk about what you did in the past that enabled you to gain the skills).

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Attached is my resume providing further details about me. Thank you for considering me. (Express gratitude).



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how to write an application letter for employment

NB: Do not use the same application letter for different companies even though the job description is similar. Try to be unique to give the employer solid reasons to call you for an interview. Good Luck in your job search!

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