Wizkid drops a pic of an N432 mln watch on instagram

Wizkid drops a pic of an N432 mln watch on instagram

One of the most talented Nigerian musicians knows nothing short of living life on the first lane. He has a whole lot of expensive houses, and a fleet of luxurious cars. To Wizkid, all these seem like a drop in the ocean, as he’ll stop at nothing when it comes to owning the finest things in the world. To get a glimpse of what he owns one can take a glimpse on Wizkid’s official Instagram page.

wizkid drops a pic of an N432 mln watch on instagram

Wizkid's opulent Victorian style house Los Angeles

In 2016, he purchased an opulent Victorian-style house in Los Angeles as showcased on Wizkid,s Instagram account, and he left fans guessing since he did not disclose the amount paid for the building. The American home is located in the prime areas of this prestigious city, and he even deigned to show some parts of the house. In Lekki he owns another house worth N70 million, which is furnished luxuriously, and the furniture is worth half the total cost of the mansion.

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Wizkid Instagram Pics

Being on the music industry comes with its flaws since being a celebrity is not only about producing music for fans but, keeping up with the latest trends. No sooner had we finished ogling at photos of his third child Zion, Wizkid post on Instagram tells it all. The young musician posted a photo of an expensive wristwatch he bought for himself. The said watch cost him $1.2 million which when converted to naira it equals to N432 million. That is a lot of money for a watch but with his music on top of the billboard, some thank you for his work is deserving.

wizkid drops a pic of an N432 mln watch on instagram

Wizkid's N432 million watch

Well with Davido’s December concert making him about half a billion, we can just imagine what the star boy walked home with. Maybe more or less since Davido is among his competitors in the Nigerian music industry. Both of them are young and well asserted. Wizkid has seen it all and bought almost everything that a majority of us only dream of and all these are well displayed on wizkid’s Instagram 2017.


Wizkid’s Instagram account is worth looking at considering how much he invests on his choice of attire and his music. The star worked his way up since starting off as a backup musician. Right now, he is an international musician and he has even featured on Forbes magazine with an alleged net worth of $11.5 million. Many upcoming artistes also look up to him as he never disappoints when it comes to releasing the right type of music for his worldwide fan base.

wizkid drops a pic of an N432 mln watch on instagram

At 27, very few people in the world have acquired what this talented musician has and we are still speculating on what his next big move would be. When it comes to pulling off a surprise right from newest music to the latest products in the market, Wizkid has mastered it all. Thanks to him, Nigeria will remain relevant in the music industry globally. For more on what is trending about the musician, check out Wizkid’s Instagram.

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