US Ambassador says Gitmo 2 not guaranteed US visas

US Ambassador says Gitmo 2 not guaranteed US visas

- US Ambassador Jackson has stated that he cannot guarantee the two gitmo detainees US visas

- He says if they applied for the visas the decision to issue them would be taken in Washington

- He says the US Government will have nothing to do with a potential decision to relocate them to a third country

Mr. Robert Jackson, the United States (US) ambassador to Ghana, has stated that the US Diplomatic Mission in Ghana cannot guarantee that the two former Guantanamo Bay prisoners brought to Ghana two years ago, would be granted US visas if they applied for them now that they are officially refugees.

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Speaking to members of the press during his visit to Tamale, Ambassador Jackson stated that congress had enacted a legislation making resettlement to the US impossible for the two former detainees.

In response to a question asking whether the two would be granted travel visas to the United States should they apply for them, the US Ambassador expressed that the decision would probably not be made by anyone in his diplomatic mission.

"I don’t know the answer to that. If they apply for visas we will consider it but I do not know if we will approve it or not and it maybe a decision to be made in Washington and not me,” the ambassador said.

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The US Ambassador went on to say that should Ghanaian authorities decide to move the two former detainees to another country, then take that decision would be between Ghanaian authorities and the two detainees.

"We have no role in that and no objection to it. At this point we consider it as a matter between the government of Ghana and the two,” he said.

Ambassador Jackson's comments come in the wake of a statement made by Ghana's Information Minister, Mr. Mustapha Hamid, who revealed that government is currently exploring the possibility of relocating the two to a third country.

We are exploring options to get friendly countries to take them. Per the agreement that was signed, when their two-year expires, it is the business of the country to find them a safe haven.That is why they were offered refugee status after the expiration of their period,” Mr. Hamid said on Joy FM's Newsfile.

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