Shatta Wale Taking Over: 10 Best Shatta Wale Songs in 2017

Shatta Wale Taking Over: 10 Best Shatta Wale Songs in 2017

In 2017, Shatta Wale’s career was on the rise. The music that he produced only signifies that this sensational artist is meant for greatness. He just knows exactly what to do to have his fans entertained.

Shatta Wale Taking Over: 10 Best Shatta Wale Songs in 2017

The words, beats, videos and the general production of his music resonate with what many people in this generation want from a star. Shatta Wale taking over song definitely shows that the talented artist is literally taking over the industry.

In this article we outline the top 10 songs by Shatta Wale in 2017. The Shatta Wale taking over music is definitely the best song that he did. It got people marveling at what this musician can do to make the music entertainment industry interesting.

On top of the list, we have Shatta Wale taking over song. In this music, he featured Addi Self, Captan and Joint 77. Shatta Wale taking over clip got many people talking and attracted to Shatta Wale’s music. He not only showcased his ability to articulate words correctly but also to put them in a rhythm that many people would like. Shatta Wale taking over official video can be watched on YouTube. For those who want just to listen Shatta Wale taking over audio can also be downloaded from the internet.

Even though “Taking Over” was among the best songs produced by Shatta Walle, he produced other songs.

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Here are the top 10 hits by Shatta Wale:

  • Taking Over featuring Addi Self, Captan and Joint 77
  • Ayoo
  • Hossana featuring Burna Boy
  • Forgetti featuring Addi Self, Captan, Joint 77, Pope Skinny and Natty Lee
  • Dem Confuse
  • Umbrella
  • Bumper
  • Low Tempo featuring Shatta Michy
  • Level
  • Allo featuring Kwaw Kese
Shatta Wale Taking Over: 10 Best Shatta Wale Songs in 2017

These are the best songs that Shatta Wale produced in 2017. They were great, and this ultimately gave him a huge following. Through this music, we can tell that Shatta Wale is almost taking over the industry. He is one of the best there is in Ghana and is a true reflection of what dedication and commitment to one’s career can do. We can only expect more singles and collaborations from this artist. Keep logging in to this website for more updates about Shatta Wale’s music career and his life.

Shatta Wale’s top 10 hits of 2017 can be found on YouTube and also downloaded. If you haven’t had them yet, watch them to see Shatta Wale’s promising career.

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