Psalm Ajetefio’s predicament sparks debate about saving on social media

Psalm Ajetefio’s predicament sparks debate about saving on social media

Veteran Ghanaian actor Psalm Ajetefio, popularly known as Taxi Driver, currently finds himself in an unstable financial situation.

The veteran actor used to be one of the most celebrated men on television during the early and mid-2000s.

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However, things have not gone quite smoothly in recent years, with his involvement in movies and television series’ having diminished.

Psalm Ajetefio’s predicament sparks debate about saving on social media
Psalm Ajetefio

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In a recent interview on the Delay Show, the man popularly known as TT revealed that he could be ejected from his current home if he fails to raise the rent.

According to him, he is currently perching in a friend’s house and in the next two weeks, he will be rendered homeless because the building is currently up for sale.

He further disclosed that he has managed to secure a house for himself, but considering his current situation he can't afford to pay the rent.

He, therefore, appealed to the public to come to his aid to help salvage the situation.

The current state of the veteran actor has divided opinion on social media, with a heated debate going on about the issue of saving during the heydays.

Whiles some believe TT could have had a better life had he saved, others also believe the veteran actor simply did not make enough money because acting was not a paying job in his time.

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One Facebook user by the name Mark Nana Yeboah said: “Life oooo life mmmm youth let's invest in our future. This is a lesson to today’s youth, don't use all your money on burger and pizza. Let’s stop removing women pant rather let's invest into our future. A word to a wise is enough.”

Another by the name Nizer Fidz said: “We should not see him as a person who was careless in managing his money. The Truth is, they were getting the name but the money was nothing to write home about.”

One Rhoda Wangeh also said: “God should make a way when there seems to be none. In their time of acting the pay was just peanut and he has family to feed not to talk of extended families and friends who think being on TV is like owing a bank. God help him.”

However, there were also some people who chose to look at the funny side of it by pointing to an advert TT did which centred on investments and pension benefits.

One Nharnha Yhaw Flexy retorted: “I thought he is enjoying his pension money from Best Pension pay. #Aponkye_ni_ti #Otwe¬ni_ti”

Another from Obaa Yhaa Kwatemaah said: “But I thought he is the one doing the Best pension advert. Aponkye no ti.or he didn’t save like his friend too?”

A rather cheeky comment from one Eugene N.K Pobee also said: “So you upon the advert you did concerning savings you didn't get sense to save some. Otwi niti, apontsi niti. Wunya sikaa na wudi wie otwi niti. See where you end up.”

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