Birdman Net Worth 2017-2018

Birdman Net Worth 2017-2018

If you have been following celebrity news, by now am sure you are aware that Birdman is one among the ten richest celebrities on Forbes list in 2017. But have you ever stopped and asked yourself how much is this celebrity rapper and music producer's net worth for 2017-2018? Read on to find out how much Birdman is worth.

Birdman net worth 2017-2018

Birdman Net Worth 2017

Birdman is a name we have come to love and respect when it comes to the hip-hop music industry all over the world. Bryan "Baby" Williams popularly known as Birdman is the man who has committed his time, effort and talent to developing this industry and truly he has not disappointed. In addition to gifting us with quality music trucks, Birdman has gone ahead and founded one of the world biggest music production company, "Cash Money Records" where he has nurtured talents such as Lil Wayne, Drake and Nicki Minaj to name but a few. Out of these ventures, Birdman has been able to rise the rank to become the fourth most paid Hip-hop artist on Forbes list. Before we get to what's Birdman net worth, let's first learn a few things about this celebrity.

Birdman's Biography

Despite being one of the best and wealthiest hip-hop artist in the industry, very few people including Birdman's staunch fans know about him. Birdman was born Bryan "Baby" Williams on the 13th of February 1969 in New Orleans. Unfortunately, Birdman did not live to see his mother since she passed away when he was only two years old. 27 years later, his father also succumbed to a car accident leaving him an orphan.

With no family support, Birdman grew into the life of crime and was detained for three years in Elayn Hunt Correctional Center. After serving only 22 months, he was acquitted and all the charges dropped.

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Music Career

Most of Birdman net worth is attributed to his musical career. Birdman's rapping career dates to his duo with DJ Mannie Fresh. The duo went on to produce a couple of albums with their greatest hit album being "I Got That Work!" with platinum status. In 2005, Birdman split from DJ Mannie Fresh and signed Lil Wayne. The pair released the album ‘Like Father, Like Son," which attained the Gold certification.

Birdman net worth 2017-2018

Birdman Net Worth

As of Forbe's richest rappers in 2017, Birdman comes 4th. Birdman celebrity net worth is estimated to be $200 million. It is important to note that Birdman's net worth has not come easily if there is any hard working and determined person in the rap industry then it has to be Birdman. Birdman latest net worth is an accumulation of his music revenues, entrepreneurial ventures where the businessman owns the YMCMB, clothing line which is responsible for his clothing's and that of his fans. The other source of wealth to Birdman rapper net worth is his oil and gas searching company, Bronald Oil and Gas and LLC.

Fair enough the above articles answer the question of how much Birdman net worth is and gives further information to his vast wealth. In addition to the numerous wealth, Birdman is also richly loved by his fans if the over 2.34 Million followers he has on Twitter is anything to go by.

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