5 things Shatta Wale should stop doing now that he's signed up with Zylofon

5 things Shatta Wale should stop doing now that he's signed up with Zylofon

Ghana's Dancehall "champion", Charles Nii Armah Mensah, better known as Shatta Wale, has now officially joined the Zylofon Media record label.

In doing so, he has joined the leading creatives arts and entertainment brand currently in Ghana, and therefore may not be able to express his opinions, or behave in controversial ways as he has done in times past.

YEN.com.gh put together a list of several things Shatta Wale has done in the past that we don't think would be advisable to do now - not that some of them ever were - since he has joined the prestigious Zylofon label.

Shatta Wale and Nana Appiah Mensah

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Record vulgar diss tracks

Having joined the most prestigious entertainment "family" in Ghana at the moment, Shatta Wale will be expected to express the same amount of composure other artistes in the company already exhibit.

The best example of this can be seen in the company's CEO, who has never so much as uttered a single word in anger in the public. This is definitely not because he never gets angry, but probably because he knows that the Zylofon brand is at stake.

Intentionally pick a fight on social media

Whereas recording vulgar diss tracks are seen by many as crass, popular celebrities who spend their time intentionally looking for fights - and therefore attention - on social media are perceived as either childish or petty... and sometimes both.

Slapping bodyguards in public...or anywhere else

During last year's edition of the S-Concert, Shatta Wale slapped his bodyguard while in the middle of his performance, something he received a lot of condemnation for from Ghanaians for. If anything, this is probably the one thing he should never do again, whether or not he's with Zylofon since no celebrity should be seen as one who promotes violence.

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Promote the use of illegal substances

During his performance at last December at the S-Concert, Shatta Wale reportedly said he has never been in trouble with authorities over smoking marijuana, and reportedly urged fans to go ahead and smoke and not be afraid of being arrested by the police. This is something he is probably going to have to stop doing.

Discharging a firearm in public

This is probably another thing that applies to him whether he is in or out of Zylofon Media. Discharging a firearm in public is probably the most dangerous thing on the list, and ties in closely with the "bodyguard slap" mentioned before.

With as many fans and followers as he has, for him to be perceived as one who condones or personally resorts to violent measures sets a negative example for young people who look up to him.

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