Are Juliet Ibrahim's hips real or fake?

Are Juliet Ibrahim's hips real or fake?

The infamous Ghanaian actress caused a stir and uproar on the internet recently. We are used to seeing sexy and curvaceous body all the time. Fans were intrigued to view her previous photos of Juliet a while back] that sparked an online conversation about real and fake beauty.

Are Juliet Ibrahim hips real or fake?

Juliet Ibrahim Hips

In the throwback photos she shared on her Instagram handle, it was evident that the big hips we are used to were not there. She received a lot of backlash from people who claimed she was using body enhancers to accentuate her backside. Most of the backlash was from women who thought as a role model she was misleading the younger generation. It stirred up a conversation where many people claimed Juliet Ibrahim wears fake hips.

The craze started during the 4syte Music Awards back in November, 2004. She rocked a black jumpsuit to the event. During her presentation of an award on stage, it was faint to see that her curves were a bit accentuated. It looked like she had worn something underneath. This made the headlines of social media as people trashed talked and claimed Juliet Ibrahim wears hip pads.

Juliet Ibrahim’s fake hip pads became the talk of the town. When the news hit, she was shocked and angered by all the hash comments people were posting about her. Cyber bullying again is another emerging issue where celebrities name are put in the dirt by people masquerading as fans.

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To clap back to her haters, she posted some raunchy photos of her self-revealing curvaceous body that she is synonymous for. She also took the opportunity to market her latest movie which she starred in dubbed ‘Shattered Romance.’ Judging by the photos she posted, it was clear to all and sundry that the actress was blessed naturally.

Are Juliet Ibrahim hips real or fake?

But people online could still let her off easily. The debate about the authenticity of her body still rolled on. This time someone went on savage mode and posted a past photo and compared it to a recent photo of the beautiful damsel.

Judging by the photos, the difference was really noticeable. We can all her agree that she has maintained her small and tiny waist. But as for the bottom part of the body some changes have really occurred. The radical changes of her body caused speculations of either wearing hip pads or worse a body enhancing surgery.

Juliet Ibrahim is one of the many cases of celebrities accused of altering their natural figure in order to get attention from people. This has been a trend especially in the U.S where celebrities undergo surgery. They are given implants that boost different parts of their bodies in order to look large. This has been caused due to the perception of men finding big backsides attractive.

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The actress posted again some thought-provoking photos of herself in a swimming suit. She exposed the most talked about backside in the picture. It is therefore difficult to speculate that she wears hips pads all day. But we can conclude that something was amiss with her outfit during the 4Syte Music Video Awards.

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