P Square Net Worth 2017

P Square Net Worth 2017

Truly money will make anybody get the finest things in life. P-Square is a duo of Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye, twin brother who do music together since their high school days. Indeed they are a real manifestation that money will land you anywhere as it exhibited in their lives. I doubt there is anybody who would mind a live characterized by fame, money, recognition, admiration and following both online and offline. From their closet, music albums, and lifestyle we can clearly see the P-Square group is indeed rich, but just how much is P-Square celebrity net worth?

P Square Net Worth 2017

How Much is P-Square Net Worth?

This is an obvious question that will come up in one’s mind after observing P-Square high profile living standards. Their popularity has come with money but just how much is P-Square net worth 2017. There have been many confusing and unverified report about the duo’s net worth some stating as high as $150 million. Well I cannot refute this report but it is wise to trust a body known for thorough research analysis and accurateness.

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P-Square net worth Forbes is approximately $70 million. They are considered to be the richest musicians in Nigeria and third in Africa as a continent. The net worth of P-Square is a comprehensive computation of all assets the twin brothers have. This includes, their collection of cars; jeeps, limousines, sports and business cars. In addition to these earth movers are a private yacht for their marine exploration and a private jet for airlifting as they tour and perform around the world.

P Square Net Worth 2017

Individually, they own customized iPhones with gold and diamond sparkles, designer outfits, expensive jewelry and Peter Okoye’s shoes is also an expensive and worth investment. Other than this, P-Square net worth continues to grow thanks to their investments made at home, Nigeria and in the United State. The duo owns an enviable home in Banana Island at a cost of 1.5 billion naira where they live with their families. The two brothers are said to be married and with children. Elsewhere, they have business in real estate and have a well known music recording powerhouse, Square Records.

Peter and Paul Okoye make a great deal of money from music and entertainment. They have released six albums; Last Nite in 2003, Get Squared 2005, Game Over 2007, Danger 2009, The Invasion 2011 and Double Double in 2014. Under their name are come coveted musical award locally and globally which have come with money and fame. P-Square has also worked alongside American music stars; Akon, Rick Ross and T.I

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