Ghana Immigration Service Protocol Recruitment Scam

Ghana Immigration Service Protocol Recruitment Scam

The Ghana Immigration Service Accra gave an alert to all applicants of a recruitment scam conducted by fraudulent individuals. The ongoing recruitment exercise for the 2017/2018 intake has received applications from many interested parties. Some individuals have been conned by fraudulent individuals claiming to be officials taking part in the exercise.

Ghana Immigration Service Protocol Recruitment Scam

They are known to demand a certain fee in order to include the applicants name into the list.

The Head of Public Affairs at the Ghana Immigration Service, Supt. Michael Amaoko-Attah issued a statement on this emerging trend. He further clarified that all applicants must not heed the words of the fraudulent individuals who make calls demanding a fee. He urged the applicants that the exercise for enrollment in the Ghana Immigration Service Protocol list was free and fair.

He described the unscrupulous individuals who masqueraded themselves as members and staff of the unit. They devised ingenious means where they present the applicant's documents to them. They lie to the applicants that they did not make it to the enrollment list.

Applicants are then urged to pay a certain fee to go through the third phase of the recruitment exercise. He said that during the recruitment exercise, no calls will be made to individuals demanding certain payments for a space in the organization. He warned all applicants who fell for the pretense posed by the fraudulent individuals, will be at their own peril.

According to the roles of the Ghana Immigration Service, it was to ensure a credible recruitment process that is free and fair to all applicants. The process was also transparent and that no one inside the organization would have a hand in their recruitment success.

The staff was also urged to maintain work ethics as prescribed in the 1992 constitution under the Immigration Service Act. They also were mandated to build a stronger but firm Ghana by operating fairly. They were reminded of their vision in delivering excellence in migration management for national development.

They also warned the unscrupulous individuals that investigations were underway. Legal action will be taken against all that would be apprehended. All affected members of the fraudulent trend are to report their case to the Ghana Immigration Service contact +233 302 224445.

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Ghana Immigration Service Protocol Recruitment Scam

Ghana Immigration Service

The recruitment process was in its second phase of the Aptitude Test. All applicants who undergo this test and qualify will be notified through a text. They will also be sent a confirmation of their success on their email addresses provided during registration.

The applicants were urged to keep checking the Ghana Immigration Service portal for any developments concerning their recruitment process. The enlisted members would also be posted to the official Ghana Immigration Service website

During the exercise, the qualified applicants were urged to maintain the objectives of the Ghana Immigration Service. In case of any complaints or misunderstanding during the recruitment process, the applicants are urged to lobby them at the Ghana Immigration Service address:

The Comptroller General,

Ghana Immigration Service,

Independence Avenue,


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