Don't forget to answer these 6 questions about your relationship as you celebrate Val's day

Don't forget to answer these 6 questions about your relationship as you celebrate Val's day

The month of February, as we all know, is touted as a month of love. In fact, one word that gets us loving the month of February is 'Valentine'.

With just few moments to Valentine, most of us lovers often forget the need to evaluate the health of your relationship so you get to know if it's worth dying for especially in the month of February.

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Val's Day, which falls on February 14th, is a special day that gives loved ones the added opportunity to express their love to their loved ones, friends and family.

But the month of February cannot all be about the lovey-dovey of taking your 'baby' out and making sweet love. It is a month to reflect on the direction of your relationship and take some drastic steps.

This article helps you ponder on the health and direction of your relationship in the month of February.

1. How committed is your partner to the relationship?

The month of February is a special month to get you think about some key matters regarding your relationship. How committed is your partner to making your relationship last? This is a question that will help you make the best decision on whether or not to move on with the relationship. Is your partner actually prepared to invest his/her time, energy and resources to make the relationship work? These questions could help you determine the next line of action for you.

2. How insecure are you in the relationship?

Do you always think about the whereabouts of your partner, who he or she is with, how faithful they will be to you once you're both not together? If you keep wondering about these issues then you may want to reconsider the stability of your relationship. Sometimes, feeling insecure could happen but when it drags for too long then you need to reconsider the stability of your relationship in this month of February.

3. Are you still arguing, fighting each other?

Arguments and heated debates are always expected in a relationship but when these arguments are just not healthy when you or your partner keep insulting or verbally abusing you then you may want to reconsider your relationship in the month of February.

4. Do you feel okay without your partner around?

Are you the kind of partner who feels so happy and comfortable when your lover is not around, do you feel so much yourself when they leave your space? Sometimes these feelings are just indicative of the fact that you just are not attracted to your partner. Being attracted to your partner is the only step through which your relationship can balance on love and attraction. If your whole time in this relationship is a hide and seek the situation that if you feel you made a wrong decision dating them then you just have to consider moving on.

5. Do you and your partner get happy only after intimacy?

No one on Earth can make love to their partner forever. Making love is just a spice to reinvigorate your relationship but if you both get happy only during lovemaking then you need to be very careful about the health of your relationship. Intimacy is not everything that a relationship is based on so if your relationship is all into making love then think twice.

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6. Do you hate to introduce your partner to friends and family?

Are you still finding it hard to introduce your lover to friends and family? Do you feel embarrassed or scared to make your love shown to all? If these questions apply to you then you may need to take a serious look at your relationship. If you fall within this line then it could be that your relationship is not a healthy one or you are just not comfortable.

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