Top trending Kente styles on Instagram 2020 (photos)

Top trending Kente styles on Instagram 2020 (photos)

The Kente is regarded as an expression of belonging, not just in Ghana, but by every one of African descent. In recent years, the fabric has been a global fashion choice for many Africans both in the country and abroad. In Ghana, there is a boom in the number of people embracing the Kente. This calls for better and unique Kente styles if you are to stand out from the rest.

YEN Picks Top Trending Kente Styles on Instagram 2017-2018

In this post, YEN features a collection of beautifully designed dresses courtesy of Instagram users. These men and women make looking good, in a Kente, look easy. They showcase different Kente styles that you had never thought of before. From the designs to color combinations, you will be amazed at their fashion sense. If you love the Kente, these are the Instagram accounts you should be following for ideas on the best Kente style for everyday use.

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There you have it, the most trending Kente styles so far. What do you think about them? Let us know in the comments section below.


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