Kanye West Net Worth 2017- 2018

Kanye West Net Worth 2017- 2018

Fans like to keep tabs on their celebrities especially if they are famous and popular. One such celebrity is Kanye West whose Net worth has been rumored about especially on social media. Find out what is real or fake in this writing as far as West’s worth is concerned.

Kanye West Net Worth 2017- 2018

How much is Kanye West worth? This is a question that many fans keep asking especially because of the rumors that have been going around recently. Some say that Kanye still rules in the hip-hop world, at least as far as the richest artists are concerned. However, there is a group of people who think that he has lost it and is on the verge of becoming bankrupt. Truth is, Kanye is worth something. At least with the Grammy award and clothing lines that he owns, it is obvious that he owns some good cash. So how much does Yeezus have in reality? Read on to find out.

Kanye West Net Worth 2017

Kanye West’s Net worth is estimated to be 145 million dollars in 2018 which is an improvement from previous years. His net worth had been under a lot of scrutinies especially when he came out boldly on twitter asking for assistance from Zuckerberg after announcing that he had a personal debt of 53 million dollars and hence needed a cheeky loan to offset it. Despite these claims, Kanye West net worth has never really shown a downward trend. Before 2018 Kanye was not very well ranked among the richest artists in the world. In fact, in 2014 the highest he ever got to was number 20. However, in 2015 he rose to position 7 according to Kanye West net worth Forbes list.

Kanye West may have been a college dropout but this did not hinder his success in the music industry and business world. He gained fame in Music after releasing his debut album in 2004. Apart from the great deals in music that get him excellent pay, he also ventured into clothes lines business whereby he started a collection known as Yeezy in 2015. This came to be after a deal with West and Adidas. While the deal started with an initial investment of 10 million dollars, the next year would see Kanye turn into a billionaire because of the expansion program that they were to embark on. The expansion would see more of Yeezy shops come up in addition to the making of more basketball and football wear.

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Apart from this, Kanye West net net worth is likely to increase because of the investment that Kanye and his wife Kim made in 2017 when they set up a children’s cloth line. With the fame that comes with the two as a brand, the children’s clothing line is almost automatically guaranteed to be a hit. This would significantly contribute the increase of the couple’s net worth.

Kanye West Other Ventures

Kanye’s worth is more of from entrepreneurship as opposed to just music. The partnerships he has gotten himself into working with excellent companies such as Adidas and Louis Vuitton, both of which are well known high-end clothing brands is an indication that Kanye is a visionary man and his worth is likely to increase even with time. What’s more, the prices of Kanye’s products are set on a high not starting with 90 dollars for a simple hoodie. This shows that Kanye has understood the niche and has clearly set his eyes on earning a crust for himself.

In the end, Kanye may be scoring low earning points as a rapper compared to others who seem to be doing much better than him but he is also one of the best entrepreneurs in the music industry. What he fails to earn through music he compensates through unbeatable business deals.

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