Places you'd be more than happy to return to Ghana from

Places you'd be more than happy to return to Ghana from

In an age of technology where a simple smartphone allows someone living in a rural place the ability to see the most developed countries in the world, it's easy for one to forget the freedoms - albeit a little tempered - we enjoy in Ghana in this day and age.

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So put together a list of of countries in the globe we know Ghanaians would be more than happy to come back to Ghana from for a variety of reasons. For some it's due to war and devastation, while for others it'd be more due to their largely oppressive regimes.


Burma collage

Officially called the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, is a country in Southeast Asia. One of it's most popular personalities is it's current State Counsellor, Ang sa su Kyi. The Burmese government has a track record for being oppressive and generally against fundamental freedoms like freedom of speech. Its government has recently been accused of ethnic genocide in relations to the Rohingya mass killings in the country.


Places you'd be more than happy to return to Ghana from

A country in the western part of Asia, Yemen has been embroiled in a bloody rebellion for the last three years now. Since the onset of the hostilities, the situation in the country has deteriorated severely, with several aid agencies saying that the country is suffering from a severe famine.


Syrian children running

Credit: The New Yorker

A country located at the north of the Arabian Peninsula, it has also been involved in a bloody civil war since the so called Arab Spring. With Government forces being supported by Russia, while rebel forces received support from the United States, the country's bitter war has caused the death of thousands of people innocent civilians.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia


Officially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it is the biggest country in the Arabian peninsula and also known to be the country where the Islamic religion was born. Though it is largely a prosperous country due to its crude oil reserves, it is also ruled by sharia law, which is largely considered to be an oppressive system.


Places you'd be more than happy to return to Ghana from

An Arabian country in the north of Africa that borders the Mediterranean Sea, Libya sits right on the path hundreds of thousands of migrants have taken on their journey for a potentially brighter future in Europe. Unfortunately, those who don't make it to Europe mostly end up caught in a brutal country and end up either jailed, killed or even worse [for some], sold into slavery.

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