Hiplife Music in Ghana - All You Need to Know

Hiplife Music in Ghana - All You Need to Know

Hiplife music is a genre of music born in Ghana and one that is well appreciated all over West Africa and all over the world. Hiplife music has its roots in the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. Well, we can term it as a mixture of hip-hop and Akan rap.

Hiplife Music in Ghana - All You Need to Know

Much of the music is done and recorded mostly in the Akan language. The rap which is at a most rapid rate of popularity growth goes a long way back when it was introduced by some Ghanaians to the scene.

We are going to look at Hiplife music in Ghana especially its origin. Some people attributed the art of Hiplife to Reginald Osei (Reggaeton) while many others view the art of hip-hop to have begun in Ghana way back in the 1980’s with artists like Gyedu Mbey Ambolley. The hit single by Ambolley in 1973, ’Sigwimado’ is mainly known to have commenced all the Hiplife art. The song, which was released in Fante language was more of a semi-rap, and it acclaimed him as the father of rap not only in Ghana but also around the world. It very well engineered the basis of the Hiplife art.

Hiplife Music in Ghana - All You Need to Know

Jay Q

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In the 1990’s the Jeff Tennyson Quaye(Jay Q) then introduced this art into the limelight which later drove him to be known as the ‘King of Jama’. It all then flows down to the new generation Hiplife artists among them the famous Sarkodie who garnered an award back in 2006 for the immense support and growth of the genre.

Hiplife music’s Ghana origin has been a source of confusion with the Ghanaian hip-hop.The difference then comes in because of the language of delivery. Akan and pure English being the main tools in both, respectively, the ideas, however, move parallel with most things marrying especially the beats and rhythm. Ace music producer, The Last Hammer of the Two, has been on the forefront in producing the Hiplife music videos that mostly take the Ghana social scenes by storm.

The Ghana Hiplife music videos include some of the following from famous artists;

  • Sarkodie-We No Dey Fear, Glory
  • Sista Afia-Pass U
  • Ob-Odu Mu Criminal among many others.
Hiplife Music in Ghana - All You Need to Know

Sarkodie performing "We No Dey Fear"

Most of these songs can be viewed on YouTube where they on a daily basis, gain a lot of views that can very well show how these Ghanaian Hiplife music videos are very much gaining popularity on the international scene.

That is what there is most to know about the Gh. Hiplife music, most of its growth and popularity and how it blends well with the African culture. If this is not your definition of perfect then what is? Hiplife has just earned a new fan. Me.

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