Kejetia project kick off 2018

Kejetia project kick off 2018

Development is the key priority of most countries, Africa not left behind. Since the populace increases by day, these developments come in handy to prevent classic population disasters. Space, the most important of these commodities has to be maintained if a country is to grow economically.

Kejetia project kick off 2018

The Kejetia projects are a classic example of such developments in the continent. Being a market project, it saves immense space and serves to organize the city. These projects also help increase the economy mainly at low interest loaning and leasing to the traders by the government.

The Kejetia market project was developed in Kumasi, Ghana to curb the increasing capacity of people and trading activities in the city. The project which was allocated to Brazilian contractors was expected to be done in 24 months. The market upon completion is expected to have a record 45,000 satellite stores that are also to improve spatial consumption.

The multibillion project was divided into phases to allow fast completion. The first phase involved the repair of the Kejetia terminal and building of 10000 stores. This plan also involved the setting up of ample parking spaces to support the large number of customers in vehicles. All the affected traders were relocated to the market, since the project was to cause an enormous boost to the economy of Ghana. Most of these phases are done with and traders the project was officially opened by President Addo in December 2016.The project however was not yet complete as drainage systems and utility installations had not yet been completed.

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However some of the work had been halted for a while last year as a private developer challenged in court the competence of the Brazilian contractors. The section that was yet to be complete was however resumed in January this year after the issue was resolved. The total completion is now anticipated to end in July later this year.

Kejetia project kick off 2018

Building in progress

Kejetia project images show a magnificent structure that is really one of a kind. The wavy roof is a very good sight to behold. The images show a well-connected expansive area covered by the market. The road is that connects both sides is simply magnificent. Also within the images, excited citizens and traders are seen going about their work well.

The Kejetia new project was not such a welcome idea to many at the beginning. Many traders took to the streets to protest of their alleged movement for the commencement of the market. Now that the market is complete, the traders who are on the receiving end feel satisfied of the outcome and new environment posed by the market. The Kejetia project has but improved the trading conditions in Kumasi and continues to attract market and revenue to the Ghanaian government.

This I must say is kudos to the Ghanaian administration, the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) not left out.

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