List of 2016 Horror Films Voted Best by Viewers

List of 2016 Horror Films Voted Best by Viewers

Fear, increased heartbeats and shock are some of the emotions caused by watching horror films. While some of us find horror films scary, some of us fancy watching them. We love the transitions in the story line, the suspense and the unexpected happening.

List of 2016 horror films

2016 saw the release of several horror films that left many people mesmerized at the creativity of the producers and actors. Well, if you love watching horror movies or are planning to watch them, this article is for you. Outlined in this article is a horror films list of the best movies in 2016.

List of horror films

This list provides popular horror films released in 2016.

The Wailing

The Wailing has got to be one of the best horror movies of our time. Jong-goo, a police officer carries out a lot of researches into matters death and sicknesses. He does this with the aim of saving his daughters life Hyo-jin who is susceptible of succumbing to such misfortunes. Challenges occur during this investigation. The Wailing is scaring but enthusiasts of horror movies will find it awesome. IMDB rated this movie at 7.4/10. It was directed by Na Hong-jin.

List of 2016 horror films

Under the Shadow

If you love watching a scary yet impressive movie, Under the Shadow is what you should definitely watch. It examines a broken bond between a mother, Shideh and her daughter, Dorsa. Even though the mother’s dream of working in the medical center is disappointing, she has to comprehend the weird behaviors of her child. It is acted under an Iranian and is very scary. IMD rated it at 7/10. It was directed by Babak Anvari.


The list of horror films Hollywood cannot be complete without Krisha. Even though it appears as scary and disturbing, it helps in outlining the effects of drugs on families. Krisha, a drug addict in her sixties tries really hard to connect with her family. Through the director, Trey Edward Shults, this movie is depicted horror because of Krisha’s behaviors that terrorize every person around her. It definitely deserved the 7.1/10 rating at IMDB.

List of 2016 horror films

Train to Busan

Directed by Yeon Sang-ho, Train to Busan seeks to investigate the extent to which fathers are willing to protect their daughters. Seok-woo and her daughter Soo-an board a train. While on the way, the train is hijacked by zombies. What follows next is a series of scary and bloody actions. Train to Busan is no ordinary horror movie that involves zombies. It stills to the main theme of the father trying to save the life of his daughter. It received a 7.5/10 rating by IMDB.

The Conjuring 2

This is an interesting movie about Ed and Lorraine who come across a single mother who thinks that evil things are happening in her home. They confirm that indeed, her daughter is possessed with demons. As they try to intervene, they are attacked by similar spirits. Next is a series of situations that are horrible, scary and leave the audience with a lot of suspense. The Conjuring 2 was rated at 7.4/10 by IMDB.

List of 2016 horror films



This is a good horror film that showcases the life of a man who has 23 personalities. Throughout the movie, we are shown how he struggles to identify the one personality that can consume all the rest. This is definitely a must-watch for someone needing to know the battles that take place within and outside a person. It was rated at 7.3/10 by IMDB and was directed by Night Shyamalan.

10 Cloverfield Lane

Directed by Dan Trachtenberg, 10 Cloverfield Lane is a psychological horror movie that depicts actors protecting themselves from doomsday. Howard tells Michelle that the air is polluted with chemicals that could lead to their deaths. He is controlling and Michelle does her best to find out what is happening outside. This movie received a 7.2/10 rating at IMDB.

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Don’t Breathe

Don’t Breathe is about strangers who invade the home of a blind man. Being blind, they expect to steal easily. However, despite not seeing, the find encounter a lot of scary things that make their experience scary. This horror film is full of twists but sticks to its theme. It was rated at 7.1/10 by IMDB and was directed by Fede Alvarez.

List of 2016 horror films

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

André Øvredal, the director, actively uses the setting of this movie to bring about its supernatural horror aspects. A father and son decided to carry out an autopsy on a body that had been exhumed. The more they continue with the process, the situation becomes weird and disturbing which is why this movie is interesting. The Autopsy of Jane Doe was rated at 6.8 by IMDb.


Hush is a very twisted horror movie. Under the director, Michael Flanagan, the movie is about invasion of a home that is in the woods. A deaf woman is attacked by a killer and what follows is a series of scary moments. Hush, is not only unique but also very simple yet bringing out the horror-movie aspect naturally. IMDB rated it at 6.6/10.

The shallows

Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, The Shallows is interesting and cause the viewer a lot of distress. Nancy, the main actor, is attacked by a shark and seeks rest on top of a rock in the middle of the water. She has to find a way of saving her life as she can bleed to death. The movie creates a lot of suspense as the audience hopes to see her life saved. The Shallows was rated at 6.3/10 by IMDB.

List of 2016 horror films

Lights Out

David Sandberg, the director, brings about the story of a malicious spirit that disturbs the family of Rebecca. As a young girl, she always feared darkness and a similar thing is happening to her brother. They believe that the spirit has come to revenge. It was rated at 6.3/10 by IMDB.

The Eyes of My Mother

Follow the murder of her mother, Francisca becomes obsessed with surgeries such that it becomes a psychotic behavior. The movie involves a lot of violence, blood and is very terrifying. Thankfully, it is acted in black and white which makes it less scary. Nicolas Pesce directed this movie which received an IMDB rating of 6.2/10.

List of 2016 horror films

The love witch

The Love Witch

Directed by Anna Biller, The Love Witch, examines the life of a woman, Elaine who is fighting to have herself loved. She has gone through emotional torture due to sexual and physical harassment. Elaine uses her witch craft to ruin several lives as she tries to find real love. As a horror movie, it is impressive and unique as well. It was rated at 6.2/10 by IMDB.

The Neon Demon

It is the disturbing yet stunning nature of this movie that makes it a horror one. Nicholas Winding Feln, the director of the Neon Demon examines how beauty is seen as a commodity and a reflection of a person’s characters. Jesse wants to make it big in modeling in Los Angeles. However, she is in conflict with competitors which creates the flow of the story. The Neon Demon was rated at 6.2/10 by IMDB.


Directed and written by Carles Torrens and Jeremy Slater respectively, the Pet is complex, full of twists, suspense and most of all scary. It examines how men can control women to fulfill their selfish and weird emotions. Seth is obsessed with the beauty of Holly, someone who he barely knows. He then locks her up and the story turns from what seemed beautiful to something scary. At IMDB, The Pet is rated at 5.7/10.

List of 2016 horror films

Pet, the movie


Shelly highlights horrors that arise during pregnancy. Being childless, Louise and Kasper organize with their housekeeper to be a surrogate for their child. The housekeeper, Elena, starts developing weird infections after conception of the baby. It becomes an unpleasant journey as they try to figure out the causes of the problem. Ali Abbasi, the director, did an excellent job of making the movie interesting. It received a rating of 5.2/10.

Carnage Park

Mickey Keating, the director of Carnage Park, creates an outstanding crime thriller. It is about, a woman, Vivian, who is held hostage by thieves. What follows next is a series of gore scenes as the characters turn violent. Even though the movie is interesting, it was rated at 4.9/10 by IMDB.

List of 2016 horror films

The Monster

If you love movies about spirits lurking in the dark, you must watch the Monster. It is about a mother and daughter who travel at night to see the girl’s dad. The weather is stormy and the road is deserted. Their car stops as the spirit terrorizes and holds them captive. This movie was rated 5.4/10 and was directed by Bryan Bertino.

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Blair Witch

This horror movie features a young man and friends who go looking for his sister following her disappearance 17 years back. Their aim is to discover the legend who supposedly took the sister. As they go deep into the forest, the legend starts depicting his power by scary events. IMDB rated this movie at 5/10. Blair Witch was directed by Adam Wingard.

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