List of 2019 animation films

List of 2019 animation films

Animation films are the best way to kick off the weekend, especially after a hectic week. You can watch them together with your family making it more fun. They have a way of cocktailing humor and they serve as an educational tool for young ones in building up their vocabulary. Below is an list of 2019 animation films to watch out for.

List of 2017 animation films

Animation films are wonderful because they are family-friendly and almost always teach a lesson or two. Here are some of the best picks so far.

List of 2019 animation films

In 2019, the following animation films are set to be released:

  1. How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
  2. Toy Story 4
  3. Wonder Park
  4. The Addams Family
  5. The Secret Life of Pets 2
  6. Frozen 2
  7. UglyDolls
  8. Spies in Disguise
  9. The Lion King
  10. Missing Link
  11. Sonic the Hedgehog
  12. Dumbo
  13. Funan
  14. Klaus

List of animated films

Here are other fun animation films to watch:

Coco - Rating 8.6/10

It tops the animation movies list. The story revolves around the character Miguel who has a heart for singing. But due to an ancestral ban on music, he is forced to embark on a journey to into the Dead Lands in search of his great grandfather who was a legendary singer.

Ferdinand- Rating 6.7/10

It tells a story of a bull torn apart from his family. Mistaken as a savage beast, he is one fun-loving bull with a heart of giving. He forms a group of other misfits in a quest to return back home.

Despicable Me 3 - Rating 6.3/10

It’s a continuing sequel of Dru and his newly formed family with their quest to solve all the evil in the world the help of the minions. He meets up with his long-time brother Gru with hopes of carrying out a heist.

List of 2019 animation films

Cars 3 - Rating 6.8/10

Lighting McQueen struggles to stay as the fastest car on earth. Despite the rise of electronic cars that put other competitors to retirement.

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Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature - Rating 5.2/10

It follows the struggle of Surly and his park friend animals in preventing the selfish mayor from destroying the park in order to build a haphazardly planned amusement park.

Emoji Movie - Rating 3.0/10

It tells the story of Gene, a struggling emoji in finding his place as a normal emoji. It shows also shows the evolution of emoji as a form of communication.

List of 2019 animation films

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie - Rating 6.2/10

George and Harold are comic makers of a superhero Captain Underpants who is brought to life through their principal. He is controlled by a magical ring and does some amazing superhero stuff.

The LEGO Batman Movie - Rating 7.3/10

It shows an upgraded version of Bruce Wayne in his daily quest of looking over Gotham city from any evil. This time he is handed the responsibility of looking after an orphan with the hopes of becoming his sidekick.

The Boss Baby - Rating 6.4/10

The story line is of a sibling rivalry pitching the suit-wearing and brief-case carrying baby versus his 7 year old brother. But they join forces in order to stop the CEO of the Puppy Co.

List of 2019 animation films

Loving Vincent - Rating 7.9/10

In the heart-quenching story following the death of Vincent, a famed painter, his son sets out to deliver a final letter from his brother. He gets caught up in the life of Vincent and tries to investigate the final days of him there.

Paddington 2 - Rating 8.2/10

Following the previous sequel, Padding is happily taken into the Brown’s family. He also gets assimilated into the local community where he takes up several jobs. He then buys a present for his Aunt Lucy’s 100 birthday but it gets stolen in the process.

Godzilla: Planets of the Monsters - Rating 6.1/10

It tells the story set at a time where the humans are defeated by the ‘kaijus.’ Several attempts are made by the humans to inhibit another planet but at the end they fail. The only option left is to fight against the ‘kaijus’ in order to take their planet back.

List of 2019 animation films

Woody Woodpecker - Rating 4.7/10

Divorce attorney attempts to settle down in a new home with his girlfriend and son. They settle to cut down a tree owned by woody. It is up to Woody to save his home from the greedy lawyer.

My Little Pony: The Movie - Rating 6.2/10

The film is based around magic and the power of true friendship. They use this power to win against the dark force that had conquered Canterlot.

The LEGO Ninjago Movie - Rating 6.0/10

It’s an action animation movie that tells the story of a young teenager who happens to be the son of a warlord. He trains with his fellow ninjas in a quest to defeat his father.

List of 2019 animation films

The Breadwinner - Rating 7.4/10

It tells the struggle of a girl in Afghanistan. She has to dress up as a boy in order to provide for her family.

The Son of Bigfoot - Rating 6.2/10

It tells the epic journey of a boy on a quest to find his father. On his journey he makes several revelations such as that he is actually the Bigfoot.

Sahara - Rating 5.6/10

It revolves around two separate clans of snakes. The privileged ones live under the shelter of an oasis while the others live in the sand. Ajar travels through the Sahara Desert to save the love of her life Eva.

List of 2019 animation films

Mazinger Z - Rating 5.8/10

Its an action animation movie that narrates the invasion of evil Dr. Hell on earth. It is up to Mazinger Z to save the world from him.

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The Star - Rating 5.8/10

It tells the story of a brave donkey and his other friends. They make history by saving the first Christmas.

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